5 tips to take care of your pet's nutrition in winter

To keep your dog healthy in the winter, consider these feeding tips for dogs

FPJ Features DeskUpdated: Monday, December 05, 2022, 11:38 AM IST

The change from the summer to the winter season might affect your dog's health. Dogs are less active in the winter than they are in the summer, so you might want to make some dietary changes to ensure a healthy weight throughout the winter. To keep your dog healthy in the winter, consider these feeding tips for dogs.

Managing calorie intake: The amount of calories your dog consumes during the winter is dependent on them. While some dogs become less active and need fewer calories or even gain weight in the winter, others will need more calories to maintain the increased energy they need to fight off the cold. In either scenario, continue to feed your dog as usual and keep an eye on their weight. If they start to lose weight, you might need to up their calorie intake. You might need to reduce the calorie intake until the temperature warms up again if they start to gain weight.

Keep your dog hydrated: Because winters are usually very dry, your dog is more likely to become dehydrated. During the winter, be sure to keep a water bowl accessible so they can stay hydrated. Make sure their water bowl doesn't freeze over if you keep your dog outside during the winter.

Add a supplement: Even if your dog is eating species-appropriate raw food, the winter may require him to take in more nutrients. It may be something to help with digestion or something to help with painful arthritic joints that swell in the winter. Consult your vet for advice on the appropriate supplements to give your dog to ensure a smooth adjustment during the winter.

Maintain skin health: During winter, your dog's skin health is just as vital. Like humans, they are susceptible to dry, cracked skin, which can get worse in the winter. Make sure your dog consumes lots of meals rich in omega fatty acids to avoid chapped or cracked skin or paws.

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