'Expressions Of Love Were No Less Than A Nightmare!': 5 Tales Of Hate In The Life Of Acid Attack Survivors

'Expressions Of Love Were No Less Than A Nightmare!': 5 Tales Of Hate In The Life Of Acid Attack Survivors

Some stories are fairytales, but some are nightmares, or probably worse than a horrible dream! While everyone is supposed to adore the love in the air, we must also take note of horrible incidents from the chronicles of acid-attack survivors.

Mariyam UsmaniUpdated: Saturday, February 10, 2024, 11:01 AM IST
Kavita Bisht/Acid Attack Survivor | Her Life

We live in a patriarchal society where rejection of love is directly associated with the loss of self-worth and self-esteem! As a result, people, particularly men, take rejection as an attack on their existence or as a derogatory response! Romantic books and cheap cinema have also glorified violence and crime as something romantic, but do we consider the repercussions of such a brutal upbringing? Do we question societal paradigms and flawed parameters? Do we seek answers from the segments of law and order?

Several times, women face criminal outcomes after rejecting someone! Know these acid attack survivors to understand the chauvinistic standards of society!

Acid-Attacks: Between The love-games and the hate-games

Narun Nahar Begum

Narun Nahar Begum | First Person Story on 'Metro'

1. As per the reports of the Indian Express, an auto-driver named Mani Singh attacked a woman with acid after she denied his love proposal. The incident took place in Nallore, Vijaywada region, in July 2023! A case has been registered against the man under Section 326(A)(B) of the IPC, and The State Women's Commission also took cognizance of the incident, but the question of arbitrary conditioning is blistering on the barrels of consciousness! Is it possible to recover those scars on her face and life?

2. Another such incident came to light in the state of Karnataka during February 2023 when a man threw acid on a 17-year-old girl because she did not accept his proposal. He used diluted acid to cause damage, and he has been found guilty under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act.

3. Another acid victim opened up her story on a website after 29 years of struggle to overcome the marks of hate. Narun Nahar Begum shivers when she remembers that brutal mishap. She was just 15 when a boy attacked her with acid. It was the year 1995, and she lived in a Bangladeshi village then! However, she showed incredible courage and came out of the dark phase, and now she is a part of the acid attack survivors network. But can we ignore the heinous crime that took place?

4. Kavita Bisht is another brave woman who has crossed the dark phase of her life. She is from Kanal village in Uttrakhand. In the year 2008, when she was just a 19-year-old girl, a boy proposed to her, and she refused to date him. It was her fundamental right to reject or accept someone, but the person attacked her with acid, and this incident smashed almost everything for a while.

5. Kajal is also one of several acid-attack survivors who chase their dreams in every condition. A toxic stalker threw acid on her face after she refused to marry him. She faced extreme challenges to find a college and restore her peace to lead a normal life. Now she is a UPSC aspirant, and she dreams of becoming an officer to eradicate the scars of time!

How can we contribute to the wave of change?


We should question our parameters and the seeds or anti-women prejudices that lead to such lethal mishaps. We need to notice the utter fake glorification of affection to unleash the poison. Such anti-human tendencies need proper legal action. Apart from this, a complete ban on the sale of acid is highly required to mitigate the dangers.

Also, if love is more about the beauty of the soul, why don't they get the love, respect, and care that they truly deserve? Do we find a space for them in our polished, sophisticated educational institutions and organisations?

Are we violating the key basics of equality and human dignity? The right answers will indeed make this world a better place to live and love!