Easy Cocktail Recipes For Your Next House Party This Summer

Easy Cocktail Recipes For Your Next House Party This Summer

Why would you want to have a standard drink when you can make it more fun and interesting? Let’s explore some cocktail recipes you can try!

Amisha ShirgaveUpdated: Friday, April 19, 2024, 06:17 PM IST
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Being a party host and the bartender for the night can be a tough task. Stirring up the perfect cocktail would not only be fun but it will also enhance the mood of the party. Imagine making Jars of cocktails on a summer night! Before you get to the process of making the cocktails, you should remember a few tips. 1. Make sure you plan and buy the ingredients required for the cocktails. The amount of alcohol and other fruit juices you add play a vital role. Make sure you analyze the amount and buy accordingly. 2. Ice is a must. Make sure you have a lot of ice handy. Ice goes first, followed by the alcohol and then the other juices. 3. Chop the lemons, fruit slices and any other toppings you wish to add. 

Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea | Canva

Long Island Iced Tea

Well this cocktail will definitely make your party LIIT! This iced tea is an amalgamation of 4 liquors, tequila, vodka, gin and rum. Here’s how you make it:

15 ml Tequila (Preferably orange flavored)

15 ml vodka

15 ml gin

15 ml rum

10 ml lime juice 

Mint leaves 

2 tbsp of iced tea mix (You can make plain tea and cool it too)


Take a tall glass and mix all the ingredients except coke and iced tea. Once you give the mixture a good shake, add the iced tea and top it up with coke. Garnish it with mint leaves and an orange slice and voila, your LIIT is ready to serve. 


Cosmopolitan | Canva


Nothing can ever go wrong with a Cosmo! And if you’ve got the right glasses to serve it in, there’s nothing fancier than this drink. Cosmo is just a simple vodka based cocktail made with easily available ingredients.

45 ml vodka

45 ml cranberry juice

2 lime wedges

In a martini glass, simply add vodka, some ice and top it with the cranberry juice. Garnish it with some lime wedges. 


Screwdriver | Canva


If you want to have a tangy start to your party, this is the perfect cocktail to go ahead with. With only 3 ingredients and a lot of ice, this makes it a perfect party drink. 

60ml vodka

4-5 lime wedges

Crushed ice

Orange juice, 90 ml

Squeeze lime in the glass and add the vodka and crushed ice. Top it up with the orange juice. You can garnish using the orange peel and there you have it, a perfect screwdriver.


Daiquiris | Canva


Daiquiris gives you a frozen fruit punch. It is a classic rum based cocktail and it makes it a perfect drink for a get together or a party with friends. 

45 ml rum

15 ml lime juice 

45 ml of mixed fruit crush (any fruit crushes of your choice)

Rim the glass with sugar granules. Take a mixer with half ice crushed inside it. Add rum, fruit crushes, sugar syrup and blend it all till it turns thick and mushy. Pour this mixture in a glass, garnish it with mint leaves and you have yourself a classic Daiquiris.