5 Ways To Prevent Excessive Heat In Your Babies This Summer

5 Ways To Prevent Excessive Heat In Your Babies This Summer

The heatwave across the country is severe and here are a few ways you can avoid too much heat in your babies and keep them cool and comfortable.

Amisha ShirgaveUpdated: Saturday, April 20, 2024, 05:21 PM IST
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Babies and toddlers require extra care during hot weather since their bodies lose fluids faster and that can lead to severe dehydration. Babies usually don't show any symptoms of heat. They often cry more, don't eat properly, are irritable and rarely wet their nappies. It is essential for you to understand your baby’s needs through their behavior and try your best to provide them comfort during this season. 


Make sure you buy loose, cotton clothes for your babies since they will be light and breathable. Try avoiding travel during peak hours. If you must travel, then make sure you never over dress the baby or cover the baby's head and body in a rug to protect them from the sun. You will only restrict the air moving around the baby and make the baby sweat more. Also, a very important point to remember is to never leave your baby back in the car. Not even for 5 mins. Temperatures can get too hot too quickly inside the car for the babies, allowing them less oxygen to breathe which might lead to a heat stroke or even death. 


Breastfeed your babies more than usual. You do not need to give the baby extra water if you breastfeed more since the breast milk will be enough for the baby to stay hydrated. Make sure the mother drinks plenty of water too. 


Make sure the baby has enough air going around it. Remove extra padding around the cot so that it doesn't restrict the airflow. Try using cotton bedsheets for your baby as they will be soft for the baby’s skin and will prevent rashes. 

There are multiple ways by which your baby will be protected from excessive heat and will not be irritable, making it easier for you. Lower the temperature of AC around 23 degrees until the room cools and then you can switch it off later. If you don't have an AC, you may use a fan. But do not point the fan directly towards the baby at full speed. By being a bit careful about these little steps, you can help your baby beat the heat.