What went wrong between Akki & Karan…

A few months ago there was a buzz about Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar finally coming together for the latter’s next production venture GUTKA, slated to go on the floors this year. However, looks like the Dharma-Akshay association has gone kaput and it is learnt that Akki has walked out of the film!

What went wrong between Akki & Karan…

While the rumour mill is abuzz about the likelihood of the movie being shelved, sources close to Karan Johar maintain that the details are still being worked out. “We are still in the pre production process and casting,” said a source.

While Karan Johar had happily made the announcement about how thrilled he was to work with Akshay, things have obviously changed. The filmmaker has chosen to keep mum about the sudden exit of Akshay, which was apparently prompted by the fact that Akki is not happy

with the final draft of the script.

“The initial narration of the film had interested Akshay, however he was not too pleased with the way the final script had shaped out and hence decided to back out,” said a close friend of the star’s.

The film, GUTKA, as the name suggests, centres around the gutka trade and business and was supposed to be directed by Punit Malhotra. Guess some combinations are just not meant to be!

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