Piyush Sahdev's Instagram photo
Piyush Sahdev's Instagram photo

Meher Vij, who is popularly known for her role of mother in Secret Superstar, shares distant relationship with elder brother and TV actor Piyush Sahdev. In fact, the reason behind it is perhaps Piyush’s former wife Akangsha Rawat. It all started when Piyush got married to Akangsha in 2012. Apart from Piyush, Meher has another elder brother Gireesh Sahdev with whom she shares a strong sibling bond.

Reportedly, the truth behind Meher and Piyush’s distant relationship came out when Piyush was arrested on rape charges. On November 22, 2017, a woman filed an FIR against him for raping her. At that point in time, Meher, who had got famous for Secret Superstar was asked by media about her brother’s deeds. To the leading daily, the actress was quoted saying that she got to know about it from media and doesn’t know anything about it.

Further, Meher quoted, “You know I haven’t been able to get in touch with my father so I too do not know anything about this news. Actually, Piyush and I haven’t been in touch at all ever since he got married. His wife had some issues so I chose to back off. Whatever contact we have had, has been only through our father.” Apart from Meher, when the actor’s former wife also claimed that she has no clue about the news. She had quoted Hindustan Times, “I am not in touch with Piyush for almost 4 months, we separated six months ago, so I have no idea if this news is true.”

 Surprisingly at that time, Piyush’s estranged wife had revealed shocking details about Piyush’s relationship with elder brother Gireesh as well. She had told Bollywood Life, “Piyush and Gireesh were already estranged when I first met Piyush. It is sad that they have targeted me. When I met Piyush in 2011, he told me that he is estranged from his brother, Gireesh since years. They had a physical fight over Gireesh’s wife. Piyush also shared how Meher always ignored him, meeting only occasionally when really needed. I patched them up before our marriage in 2012.”

“There was always animosity between them. The proof is their social media pages. If you check their Facebook or Insta, you will not find any pictures of Gireesh and Piyush together in 2010 or before that. There are hardly any pics with Meher. So, now in the midst of this huge controversy why am I being blamed? How am I related to this case?” she added.

For those who don’t know, Meher’s real name was Vaishali Sahdev. After marrying actor, Manav Vij, she changed her name to Meher. The relationship between Meher, Gireesh and Piyush is sorted now. On the work front, Gireesh and Piyush are currently working together in the TV show Daastaan-E-Ishq: Salim-Anarkali.

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