'Binge-watching, gymming and hobbies': Ridhima Pandit gives lowdown on her weekend plans

Perfect weekend

For Ridhima, who is always on her toes for shoots and shows, a perfect weekend is waking up late and spending time with family and friends. The actress, who defines sleep as a luxury, loves to Netflix and chill like most of us. “Staying in my room for rest of the day binge-watching series, is my idea of a perfect weekend. I am also greedy for sleep. Due to hectic shooting schedules I get very little time to sleep. Sleep is like a luxury to me. Sleep is the best thing when it comes to detoxification.”

'Binge-watching, gymming and hobbies': Ridhima Pandit gives lowdown on her weekend plans

A lazy bum

A gym freak or a lazy bum, what are you on Sunday mornings? “I am a gym freak only when I have gym sessions lined up. Otherwise, I am a big lazy bum. I get motivated after I see my body all tones up from the exercising. That fuels up the motivation to work out harder and then I don't care whether it's Sunday or Monday. But, if I'm not working and I'm at home, then I become the laziest person on earth.”

De-stress and relax

When asked how do you de-stress after a long day, Riddhima said, “Eat what you want, eat your heart out and talk to little kids. I talk and play with my little nephew and I forget all the stress and worries. Sometimes spending time with kids or talking to them is what you need to destress yourself,” suggests Ridhima.

Social media addict

Ridhima would love to indulge in digital detoxification, but the actress is hooked to social media, especially Instagram. “I just can’t stop scrolling Instagram. I get anxious when I don’t get to log in or check my feeds. I ‘crave’ to stay updated about what is happening, what are the latest style trends, etc. But, honestly, I would love to indulge in digital detox. The only time I get to digitally detox is when I don’t have a mobile network,” (Ridhima laughs).

Balancing family and work

“It’s difficult and honestly every actor wants to form a perfect balance between family and work. But it’s not a cakewalk as most of the time we are out of home, busy shooting. When I leave home for the morning my family is asleep and when I come back home either it’s too late to talk to them or I go to sleep. Being a family person I really feel bad and I regret that I can't spend enough time with my family.”

Favourite hang-out spots

“I love going to SOHO House. That place gives me good vibes and when I’m there I feel like I’m not in India,” Ridhima says. And where do we find her partying? “Probably at a friend’s place because I’m not a “go-out” person. I hate going to clubs or pubs, especially in Mumbai. Because clubs are so cramped these days and I have done enough of clubbing and partying in my college days,” the actress concluded.

Monday blues? What’s that?

How do you overcome Monday blues after having a great weekend? “Well, in our profession there are no Monday blues and weekends. But if you mean to ask how do I get back to work after a nice weekend, a good amount of sleep and rest make me feel charged up. Basically, I don’t feel any Monday blues, in fact I feel motivated and I look forward to my work.”

Happy weekend

How does one make the weekend a happy? “Just go with the flow. Don’t make too much plans, I have a tendency of over planning. Sometimes it spoils everything. Wake up and try to spend time with your family and have fun.”

Catching up on hobbies

The actress who loves photography says, “I don’t get any time to catch up on my hobbies. I have been wanting to learn guitar and I even bought one, but it is untouched...I haven’t played it even once. I have not even started my guitar lessons. Maybe I’ll ask my guitar teacher to come and teach on sets during breaks so that I can at least learn something. I also love photography, but sadly I’m not doing that either,” Ridhima said.

'Binge-watching, gymming and hobbies': Ridhima Pandit gives lowdown on her weekend plans

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