Bigg Boss 11 Day 79 action: Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta fight over golden egg, Arshi blasts betrayers Priyank and Luv

Mumbai: Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss Season 11, has witnessed a lot of wrong by housemates. On day 79, Luv Tyagi and Hina Khan apologise to each other. Akash Dadlani, turns against Arshi Khan and Puneesh Sharma in the house.

Thus, let’s see what happened on day 79 in the Bigg Boss 11 house:

* Tuesday night’s episode began with Luv Tyagi explaining himself to Hina Khan. He says that he didn’t like what she said to Priyank. Further Luv asks Hina to apologise to him.

* Hina breaks into tears after listening to harsh words from her friend, like “Mera tere liye koi soft corner nahi hai, you’re just my friends”, but later two make peace with each other.

* This weekend, housemates have lost some luxury points because of Akash’s ignorant behaviour. Hence, Bigg Boss gives him another chance. Hina, Luv and Priyank are back in action again.

* Bigg Boss reveals that housemates have to fight and save their eggs in order to remain in captaincy in ‘BB Poultry Farm’ task.

* The contestant whose pictures are inscribed on golden eggs have to protect that egg from the other contestant and convince them to plunge their egg in the swimming pool. Whose golden egg ends up in the swimming pool is out of the race for captaincy.

* The first egg shows Puneesh Sharma’s image on it. Akash instantly throws Puneesh’s egg in the swimming pool and declares that he doesn’t want to be in race for captaincy.

*On the other hand, Vikas Gupta smartly holds Hina’s Golden egg and refuses to return it to her. Further, two pillars, Luv and Priyank, come to the rescue of Hina, and help her retain the golden egg from Vikas.

* Hina yells: “Mera anda chod Vikas.” Vikas tries his best to snatch Hina’s eggs.

* Arshi Khan is betrayal by Priyank and Luv who earlier promised to protect her egg.

* Arshi lashes out at Luv and Priyank saying that they should be ashamed of themselves for not sticking by their own words and playing to someone else’s tunes.

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