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Amazon Prime Original The Boys is back with a second season. The Seven will joined by a new member, Stormfront who is played by Aya Cash.

The first three episodes of Season 2 focuses on Stormfront, her unusual character with a serious dark side.

Here's all you need to know about Stormfront:

All you need to know about Stormfront, the neo-nazi in The Boys Season 2

Who Is Stormfront?

Stormfront is a basically Marvel's Thor rip-off, with a little mix of DC's Shazam. And from the first three episodes of The Boys Season 2, Stormfront is among the darkest of Vought American heroes.

Stormfront shares his name with the infamous Neo-Nazi website. And that's not a coincidence as being racist and hateful are his character traits.

Powers and Abilities

After Homelander, Stormfront may be the most powerful superhuman in the fictional world. With incredible strength and durability, he can also fly at great speeds and manipulate the weather and generate electricity. Just like Thor, minus the mjolnir and stormbreaker, because the powers are in his Compound V-enhanced DNA. He also ages very slowly.

Nazi History

In the comics, Stormfront is a reincarnated Viking with godlike powers. With artificially created powers, Stormfront is the first ever superhuman to be created. A product of Nazi Germany, Stormfront was also a member of the Hitler Youth.

Stormfront is adored by the public, but he hates anyone impure or inferior and that hatred leads to him going on a killing spree.

In Season 2, Stormfront is a threat to Homelander.

"We wanted to sort of create Homelander’s worst nightmare, and his worst nightmare would be a strong woman who wasn’t afraid of him and proceeded to steal his spotlight," showrunner Eric Kripke said at a recent TCA press junket.

"I think that would hurt him way more than if it were a male character because he is a gaping hole of insecurity."

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