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FPJ-Ed: Winner of 150 medals, this teenage sibling duo from Jalgaon is teaching 300 underprivileged kids from their scholarship money

FPJ-Ed: Winner of 150 medals, this teenage sibling duo from Jalgaon is teaching 300 underprivileged kids from their scholarship money | FPJ

FPJ-Ed: Winner of 150 medals, this teenage sibling duo from Jalgaon is teaching 300 underprivileged kids from their scholarship money | FPJ


Jalgaon's Gold Medal winner for India at International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) Devesh Pankaj Bhaiyya (14) along with her elder sister, Kalash Bhaiyya (16) are setting an example for other students by teaching over 300 underprivileged kids of the country and abroad from their scholarship money.

The sibling duo has together won 150 Gold medals, 200 certificates and Rs 8 lakh scholarship in several national and international entrance examinations and academic events. Sister Kalash Bhaiyya had also cleared stage -1 of the IJSO in the past before being selected for the Scholarship of the Singapore government for studying in Singapore.

The sibling duo formed Fun learning youth (fly) named organisation during the Covid-19 lockdown in August 2020 to teach underprivileged children and school dropouts.

Whereas class 11 student Kalash Bhaiyya (16) is preparing for the engineering entrance examination at Allen Career Institute in Kota, her younger brother Devesh Pankaj Bhaiyya (14) is a class 9 student of the Pre-Nurture Career Foundation (PNCF) division at Allen. The sibling duo has been reading in Kota for the last 3 years.

Devesh has recently done proud to the country by winning the Gold medal at the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO). He has also won Pradhan Mantri Baal Shakti Award. His father, Pankaj Bhaiyya, is a civil engineer, while his mother, Pallavi Bhaiyya, is an architect. Mother Pallavi is doing online work while staying with the kids in Kota.

Devesh told that "Many students became orphans after the death of their parents from Covid-19. Studies of many such students went into the crisis with the crunch of livelihood for running their families.

We understood the pain of such students and started teaching them as per our capacity". Teaching underprivileged, orphan, and school dropout kids started off in the first wave of Covid-19 in August 2020.

We used to take classes in the house parking and public parks. Devesh and Kalash also started giving classes in foreign countries during the pandemic. The sibling duo is teaching students in Ravanda, Africa through the website of FLY.

Kalash said that “We returned to our hometown Jalgaon during Covid-19 lockdown. Our housemaid’s brother Rahul and daughter Pooja were facing difficulties in their studies due to the closure of their school following the Covid-19 pandemic. The financial condition of the maid deteriorated during the lockdown, and Rahul had to take up work, leaving studies, for running the families. We started teaching housemaids, brothers, and daughters who brought more students, and we prepared all the students in social distancing, said Devesh.


Siblings' Mother, Pallavi, told that those students who used to come to the house for their studies were all underprivileged, so her kids made arrangements for their books and stationery from their scholarships. Devesh and Kalash are brilliant in studies and have won many medals and certificates, and scholarships worth Rs 8 lakh during their studies. Kalash and Devesh have also got scholarships in the Allen Tallentex, whose use they are facilitating stationary for the underprivileged kids.


Kalash and Devesh started teaching one student initially but now their initiative has taken the form of an NGO named FLY. The duo has taught nearly 300 underprivileged kids from their NGO. Many of our friends have also joined us, including 10 permanent and 4 volunteers who also teach. Since they are in Kota, their friends associated with their NGO are looking after the studies of the kids.


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