Five foolproof steps to score better in CBSE Exams

A look at some tips and strategies which will help you prepare and attempt your exams in the best possible way

Sheetal Nimbale | Updated on: Friday, April 22, 2022, 12:04 AM IST


Scoring 90+ is a dream of every student. Here I am sharing five simple steps to score better in board exams:

1: Maintain your body clock -

While preparing for exams, students tend to go through a lot of stress and anxiety. Constant study pressure increases fatigue in the mind and body. This is why it is important to take breaks at regular intervals during long study hours. A 15-minute break is ideal when you study continuously for 2 to 3 hours. Following the 20-20-20 rule also helps in improving and keeping your eyesight healthy. Regularise your sleep schedule by getting a minimum of 7 to 8 hours at night. This further helps you focus on your studies.

2: Effective time management -

Maintain a timetable for a steady and healthy study pattern. Make a chart of your daily study routine and adjust your timings accordingly. A discipline in study patterns goes a long way. Take mini-breaks in between study hours. Managing your studies and covering revisions according to time table helps in effectively creating a balanced study plan.

3: Study textbooks, practice sample papers & mock tests -

Ensure you are well versed with each and every concept and topic in your NCERT textbook as its material forms the base for not only board exams but also for competitive exams like JEE. While studying for your exams, the best way to test what you have learned is through solving previous years’ sample papers and taking mock tests. Working on mock tests helps you manage time and previous year's papers give you an idea of the pattern of the question papers. Working on weak areas with regular practice helps you become more confident.

4: Minimise your smartphone usage -

Mobile phones are a major distraction during exams. Students get addicted and constantly keep checking for updates. They spend all their time on social media which makes it difficult for them to focus on their studies. That is why it is imperative to set minimal time on the usage of mobiles, especially during preparations for exams.

5: Follow a proper diet -

Having healthy food, water and juices can help provide high energy and protein. This helps your brain to work fast and also in memorising what you study. Keep yourself hydrated. A good amount of protein helps you focus on your studies and makes you physically strong. A little bit of exercise keeps your body fit. Yoga helps you keep your mind calm and is an extremely useful technique to boost your concentration as well as stay healthy during exam time.

(The author is the Principal, Orchids – The International School.)

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Published on: Friday, April 22, 2022, 07:00 AM IST