Mumbai Rains: Can't shake off that deja vu

Mumbai Rains: Can't shake off that deja vu

Every year, pat comes the assurance from the authorities -- ‘We are prepared' for the monsoon.

Neeta KolhatkarUpdated: Wednesday, July 03, 2019, 09:48 AM IST
(PTI Photo/Shashank Parade)

So, there were heavy rains in Mumbai during the monsoon. Which is how it should be, it being July and all. The second heaviest rainfall in 45 years, says the Indian Meteorological Department. Whether the rains are a record-high or not, whether they came on time or not, the pattern of the aftermath is the same, each time. The one big change being, citizens can now take to the social media and expose the lies and claims of the various authorities and agencies.

Every year, pat comes the assurance from the authorities -- ‘We are prepared' for the monsoon. But then comes the mother of all downpours and all this claim of readiness goes down the drain and the blame game begins. We are given a series of excuses and the latest is climate change. Pity the excuses given to Mumbaikars has not been updated with the times.

When people in the city struggle to reach work, television channels throw romance into it, calling it ‘Mumbai’s spirit’. The average breadwinner travels long distances, under mostly life-threatening circumstances, of which Monday night was another instance. Railway officials failed to communicate accurate information for want of a basic public announcement system. With this failure, not only did they jeopardise the lives of commuters, they also risked the lives of some of their own, those determined, brave motormen and guards.

Seriously, it should be a matter of shame for any politician and bureaucrat worth their name, who claim to 'feel’ for this city. Sadly, the people of this city are let down every single year. They, who are the backbone of this city, building it with their blood, sweat and toil and real spirit, all of which is exploited by the authorities.

This time, however, the citizens have shown their spine, taking on the authorities on social media by bombarding them with tweets, messages, documenting events with photos and videos, giving specific locations and exposing lies. Maybe, this is the much-needed beginning. While the Yuva Sena chief blamed the media, the fact is, it is only the media which constantly points out how the powers-that-be have have failed citizens time and again.