Ideas, Intelligence and Wisdom

Intelligence, Knowledge and Wisdom need to be harnessed by humans in ample measure to metamorphose our minds and lives in order to become true achievers, writes RAVI VALLURI

2500 years ago, a prince from the formidable Sakya dynasty, in the quest of reality and truth, discarded his monarchical apparel to adorn ochre robes. He went on to become Gautama, the monk.

His physical body and his mind wandered incessantly till the attainment of truth and insight. After performing arduous tapas Gautama became Buddha the enlightened and compassionate one. The mind of the prince-turned-Bikkhu became hollow and empty to realise the pristine verity.

There is also the story of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Once a young evangelist who cast away the traditions and rituals of the catholic order in order to serve the poor and infirm (particularly those afflicted by leprosy); first as sister, then as Mother Teresa. She was canonised as St. Teresa of Calcutta by Pope Francis for the miracles which have taken place by seeking her intercession and by offering fervent prayers to her.

These are two talismanic and iconic figures that mankind should revere with a deep sense of gratitude. These extraordinary individuals altered the trajectory of their lives by charting a path seldom travelled. They possessed robust minds which were willing to take seemingly perilous decisions. Buddha and St. Teresa were not confined to monasteries and convents respectively, to live their lives as ascetics in contemplation, meditation, chastity and poverty.

Ideas, Intelligence and Wisdom

Both were prototypical individuals who transcended boundaries to carve a niche for themselves by providing an alternative ideology to the suffering multitudes. An idea could emerge from imagination, visualisation or sheer frustration from the established working patterns. A savant, seeker, leader, sportsperson, monarch, scientist or an achiever attempts to execute something radical to break the ho-hum of life. In the process something path breaking or something extraordinary is attained. This separates them from ordinary human beings.

Way back in the year 1943, a young Swedish national Ingvar Kampard set up a company called IKEA. IKEA is an acronym for Ingvar Kampard Elmtaryd (the farm where he was raised) Agunnaryd (his hometown in Sweden). Today it is one of the largest ready to assemble furniture companies in the world. At seventeen, this strapping Swedish youth conceived this riveting idea, thereby garnering a gargantuan pie of the market share. He was blessed with a febrile mind and he honed the skills remarkably to realise his dreams.

Admittedly the jury is still out on Jio – the latest coup in India’s telecom sector – Mukesh Ambani’s intrepid mind has ambushed his competitors and stunned his customers alike. However, the devil lies in the fine print, yet the bewildering idea will in all likelihood change the contours of the telecom sector in the country.

There was a time when Jan Koum and Brian Acton aspired to join Facebook, but ended up raking in 19 billion dollars as Marc Zuckerberg acquired their product (WhatsApp). There were no software or hardware glitches in their minds when they struck the deal.

These are individuals who with their mettlesome and audacious moves hold the ordinary traveller’s gaze in askance. What differentiates them from rest of the pack? It is not the opacity of their thought process but looking for out of the box solutions

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