Picture for representation
Picture for representation

The coronavirus pandemic has left employees in various sectors increasingly anxious. Despite the Prime Minister's request to private companies to preserve employment; salary cuts, deferred promotions, and layoffs have been quite prominent across the board. The search for job safety has forced people to turn back to the good old Government jobs.

According to a survey conducted by Adda247, out of 6,500 people, 82.33% are looking to apply for Government jobs. The survey was conducted between the age 18-30 years which includes professionals and students, across 10 cities pan-India. Adda247 is a test preparation platform for competitive Government tests and other competitive exams.

Teji Mandi: Preference for ‘Sarkari Naukri’ returning - is the trend here to stay?


Stability is one of the major factors amid the current testing times as the Government never goes out of the business. While growth prospects are not bright, job seekers are appearing willing to sacrifice growth over the safety. Most government offices continued to function during the pandemic, which is a great testimony to the stability aspect attached with the government jobs.

Teji Mandi: Preference for ‘Sarkari Naukri’ returning - is the trend here to stay?

Flexibility and more leaves

Government jobs generally provide more days off compared to private companies. The process to take leaves is also less stringent. In contrast, most of the private companies don't allow more than 20 leaves in a year.

Government jobs are also more flexible in terms of working hours as compared to private-sector jobs. Most Government offices have 7 working hours in a day while private offices have a 9 hour working rule.

Teji Mandi: Preference for ‘Sarkari Naukri’ returning - is the trend here to stay?

Employee Benefits

Government benefits almost always exceed private sector benefit packages. Employees have better health care plans with lower cost and favorable retirement plans so that the lifestyle and standards are maintained. Even during a recession, Government benefits continue to outshine private sector ones.

Salary and promotion

Though private companies pay more, Government jobs offer various incentives along with salary. Many provide free accommodation, transportation costs, and medical facilities in addition to various allowances offered to employees. Accounting for the benefits that come with a Government job, the difference in salaries is not huge.

Teji or Mandi for government jobs?

Although we have highlighted a lot of benefits for the Government jobs over the private sector, employees are replaceable in both sectors. Even with the recent job trends showing a #Teji for government jobs, the private sector has clearly outpaced the government sector over the years.

Private sector is a clear winner when it comes to fulfilling personal aspirations. We expect the craving for government jobs to be a temporary phase and the private sector will make a strong comeback as the economy continues to open up.

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