GPS Tracker for your car: Why will Onelap Micro keep your vehicle safe?

As we all know that these days gadgets are available for almost everything in the market, from monitoring your health to calculating how many steps you have taken in a day, but here's the device for your car which tracks every movement of your vehicle. Onelap Micro is a small GPS tracking device that can be installed in any vehicle. The car GPS tracker not only shows the distance covered; it also makes your car secure from theft through its Anti-Theft Alarm feature. Onelap Micro is an affordable device that can make your vehicle safer than ever.

Onelap Telematics is an India based startup that was started by Shubham Choudhary & Vishal Sharma in 2016. Their main objective was to make a solution that provides security to personal vehicles & as well as Fleet businesses that's why they started a mobile app-based vehicle tracking solution that gives you the feature of tracking your car from anywhere. It is a handy device for cab fleet owners who wants to know each detail about their cars.

Onelap is in the market for nearly 4 years now, and it is compatible with more than 1500+ GPS tracking devices from various manufacturers. Although Onelap is an India-based startup, its products are used in Qatar, South Sudan & Zimbabwe, and are also compatible with all types of vehicle (bike, car, bus, truck etc.) in the market. One of our clients who has a transport business has installed our devices in all his trucks, regarding this Onelap co-founder, Vishal Sharma said that "Onelap Micro is a beneficial & helpful device for all small fleet-based businesses who have their vehicles running on different routes of the country, with the installation of this device they can manage their all cars on the single dashboard."

GPS Tracker for your car: Why will Onelap Micro keep your vehicle safe?

Benefits of Having Onelap Micro for Your Car

Here are the benefits of the GPS tracker for car:

1. Live GPS Tracking:

If you're a cab fleet owner, then it's not surprising that you want to have each & every detail of your vehicles. Live GPS tracking will put you in direct control of your car, and it offers a lot of benefits of viewing your vehicle's progress in real-time to increasing your vehicle's overall business productivity.

2. Instant Anti-Theft Alarm:

It is one of the critical features of this GPS device that can secure your car from theft. Suppose, you go to the office regularly from your vehicle and park your car in the office parking area where someone is keeping an eye on your car daily & one day you park your car in the office parking area like every other day before going inside the office, after that a suspicious person who was keeping an eye on your vehicle for so many days tries to steal it. Still, due to the anti-theft alarm, you get instant notification with alarm & he won't be able to take your car.

3. Daily Stats:

Human health is essential and so does the health of your car & Daily Statistics of your vehicle keep you updated on your car like how much distance it has covered, where it has travelled, which routes it has taken & how much time it has taken. These are the details that every car owner or cab fleet owner wants to know & this feature is perfect for it.

4. Mark Geofences:

It is a feature that helps you mark a particular geographical area so that whenever you enter or exit that specific area, you will be notified. For example, you have marked the parking area nearby your home as a Geofence; now, whenever you will exit or enter that area, you will get a notification.

5. Cost-effective:

Onelap Micro GPS device isn't costly at all. Its price range starts from ₹3000 which isn't very expensive at all considering the average car prices in India, which range from ₹3 Lakh- ₹10 Lakh & considering the car price & the losses that the vehicle owner faces after losing their car in theft cases, this is a minimal amount to pay for making your car theft-proof.

GPS Tracker for your car: Why will Onelap Micro keep your vehicle safe?

6. SOS:

It is a rescue feature of this device which is meant to be used in the emergency. By clicking on the SOS button in an emergency, satellites can track your location, and an alert will be sent instantly to your mobile device.

7. Unlimited Tracking:

Onelap Micro allows you to add unlimited devices to a single account so that you can track your fleet of different vehicles like car, bus & truck on a single dashboard. It gives you the live location of all the cars running in various areas of the country.

8. Speed Alerts:

It is a handy feature for the cab fleet owners who are always worried about their drivers' speed. Through this feature, you can set a speed limit in your vehicle according to your convenience so that whenever your driver crosses that speed limit, you will get an instant notification on your mobile application.

9. Data Storage:

You don't have to worry about the network issues if you have a Onelap Micro GPS tracker installed in the car. It stores your vehicle's data if you're travelling in remote areas where network issue prevails & it shows you that stored data when you get into an area with a network. Onelap Micro works with a GSM frequency band of 850/900-1800/1900 MHZ.

How to track your vehicles using Onelap?

Here are the 4 steps through which you can use the services of Onelap Micro:

1. Buy Onelap GPS Tracker: To enjoy the services of Onelap, first you have to buy the Onelap GPS tracking device with a desired subscription plan. The product is available on both their official website and Amazon.

2. Installation: After buying the Onelap GPS tracking device, you have to install it in your car. You can install this device by your own or with the help of any local technician.

3. App Install: Once the installation is complete, you have to download the Onelap mobile app from the Google Playstore and sign up to create your new account.

4. Tracking: Click on add vehicle options and fill up all the details. Customer support will activate your device within 10-15 mins. Once an activated, you can track your vehicles and manage your business from anywhere.

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