Gift Your Mom a Health Insurance Plan by Bajaj Finance Ltd

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you may be thinking about the celebrations and the best gift to make your mom feel special. While elaborate meals, flowers, and chocolates are classic gifts, it could be more thoughtful to help your mother be more financially prepared during these unprecedented times.

Today, the gift of good health is a prerequisite, especially for mothers who tend to prioritize the health of other family members, over their own. So, if you’re planning to choose a gift that packs love, security and care for your mother, a health insurance plan can be a great option. Read on to know why.

Why should you gift your mother a health insurance plan?

Mothers don multiple hats and juggle between multiple roles, which can leave them exhausted and unable to take care of their health. This can change, with a comprehensive health insurance plan that helps secure your mother’s health.

You can choose a plan that offers access to quality healthcare services, while covering medical expenses, including hospitalization, medication, pre-or post-surgery care, consultation fees, and more.

A well-rounded health protection plan can add great value to the life of the insured, which is why making the right choice is crucial. While there are several health insurance plans available, read on to know why a health insurance plan by Bajaj Finance Limited can be a great choice.

  1. Cashless transactions at network hospitals

Health insurance plans distributed by Bajaj Finance (an IRDAI approved Corporate Agent) offer, through their partner insurers, an access to over 5,000 network hospitals, so one can seek timely medical treatment without worrying about costs incurred. There is also the option to choose cashless transactions at partner or network hospitals by simply submitting the insurance papers or health card to the authorised person from these hospitals.

  1. Medical expenditures

A health insurance plan covers all medical expenses, from pre-and post-hospitalisation to surgery and doctor consultations, and more. Some insurance plans also provide reimbursement towards medical expenses incurred during the treatment of chronic or pre-existing medical conditions.

Family Health insurance plans offered by Bajaj Finance Limited cover costs like organ donations, pre-and post-natal maternity care, new-born care, bariatric surgery, etc including pre-and post-hospitalization expenses at regular, ayurvedic, or homoeopathic hospitals.

3. Senior Citizen health plan

Bajaj Finance Ltd also strives to offer customized health insurance plans that provide cover to senior citizens to help them deal with their medical expenses at competitive premium rates.

4. Critical Illness Cover

Bajaj Finance Ltd. offers health insurance that covers life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, etc. These plans give the advantage to the insured to get lump sum amounts to pay for their treatment expenses if diagnosed with any one of these critical illnesses.

5. Personal Accident Cover

Personal accident cover protects you and your family from unforeseen accidents leading to fatal injury, disability or even death. Bajaj Finance Ltd offers the optimal personal accident cover which can be purchased independently or as an additional rider to the existing policy.

6. Transportation or ambulance charges

In the event of any medical emergency, having an appropriate transportation available is a prerequisite. Bajaj Finance health insurance plans offer a financial cushion by providing reimbursements against ambulance charges incurred to take the insured individual to the hospital.

7. Free medical check-ups

Many health insurance companies under their insurance plans provide free medical check-ups and preventive tests once in every four years or as mentioned in the health insurance policy.

By gifting a health insurance policy by Bajaj Finance to your mom, you can ensure that she keeps a tab on the progress of her health and remains prepared for medical emergencies.

8. Financial protection

As a major part of your medical expenses is covered by a health insurance policy, you no longer must worry about the rising healthcare expenses, which may burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, you can also get tax benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act on health insurance premiums subject to current tax laws.

Hence, with a comprehensive health insurance policy, stay prepared and take the extra mile to help your mother stay protected from future medical emergencies. You can choose from a range of health insurance policies available at Bajaj Finance Limited that’s suited to your needs.

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