Updated on: Wednesday, December 29, 2021, 03:36 PM IST

Beauty, wellness sector will demand more ingredients, process transparency in 2022

Apart from an increased awareness of the societal impact of our choices, the other very obvious impact of the pandemic has been hyper digitalization. | Photo: Pexels

Apart from an increased awareness of the societal impact of our choices, the other very obvious impact of the pandemic has been hyper digitalization. | Photo: Pexels


The COVID -19 pandemic has essentially changed the world. It is definitely the great reset and has led people to accept the new normal. Same holds for consumer industries including beauty and wellness. The unprecedented lockdowns and the uncertainty that future holds has pushed people to question everything. People now look at the world with a different frame of mind. We have started questioning each and every aspect of our lives, it is as if all of a sudden we have become conscious of the reality we exist in.

It is truly said that adversities bring the best out of oneself, this pandemic has changed people to be more conscious of their choices and the effect that their choices would have on themselves and the planet. Apart from an increased awareness of the societal impact of our choices, the other very obvious impact of the pandemic has been hyper digitalization. Both these things have been shaping consumer behaviour across industries and also the way industries operate.

With new variants of the coronavirus coming up every six months, this thing is here to stay. And so are the impacts that it is creating. These changes will not be short-lived, but will shape human civilization until the next big reset.

Let’s throw some light on how these two factors are shaping the beauty and wellness industry and what the year 2022 holds for everyone:

Ingredient and process transparency: Every constituent in your product matters and people are demanding to know the what, why and how of ingredients on your label. How a brand is sourcing their raw material and from where is a question that every brand marketer must be ready for. Is the brand transparent about its practises across the supply chain? People are more open to use and be loyal to a brand that is more transparent in every aspect of the product development. Clean label and clean sourcing is the future.

Sustainability: Sustainability has been a buzz word and the industry benchmark before even the pandemic began but the whole process of awakening during this reset has tremendously increased the consumers' desire for products that do not harm the environment. Trends like waterless, palm oil-free and petrochemical free will be on the rise. Brands will have to champion sustainability in the development of the product and also in the way it’s packaged. Recycled plastic, glass and recycled paper packaging will be the trendsetters.

Natural: With people becoming more health-conscious, their purchasing decisions are being influenced by a more holistic approach and natural is the way to go. Be it wellness or beauty products, natural ingredients or nature derived products will be leading the show.

Diversity, inclusion and gender neutrality: Consumers have been craving products designed specifically for their needs. With beauty becoming more gender-neutral and inclusive, we will see products and brands being created for every section of society. This will impact complete product lineups and how they are communicated and marketed. On one hand where we will see highly niche segments and products being created we will also see one size fits all kinds of products. With cancel culture being on the rise, brands will have to champion communication and how they represent themselves in the very fluid modern perceptions. Those that can create the connection with their core audience will be the trailblazers. -

Seamless e-retail experience: With increasing e-commerce penetration beyond metros and tier-I cities, modern brands in the beauty and wellness space will have to create a seamless purchasing experience with real time and vernacular specific support to aid online conversions. The real world experience will have to be replicated online and consumers will need to be given a virtual personalised touch to the complete shopping cycle.

Self-care regimens: With people spending more time at home, they want to indulge in self-care rituals specifically designed for them. Brands will have to focus on making consumers feel special and give them a spa like experience from the comforts of their home.

No matter how uncertain the future may be in terms of the pandemic, it is certainly going to revolutionize the way people shop for beauty and wellness products. Brands that can build the desired experiences, adapt to the emerging trends and inculcate technology at their core while foreseeing the near future will lead the coming decade.

(Amis Ahmed is Founder and Chief Visionary of Speaking Herbs-organic wellness brand)

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Published on: Wednesday, December 29, 2021, 03:36 PM IST