Affordable IVF treatment in Ahmedabad with high success rates

IVF has emerged as a reliable solution to tackle infertility which is on the rise in India and across the globe. Notwithstanding the innumerable causes of infertility, IVF proves to be a viable option for couples desiring to have their child but there are certain limitations to the same.

Dr. Nisarg Patel, one of the founder-owners of Nisha IVF, a leading IVF centre in Ahmedabad shares insightful guidance on the real-time takeaways of an IVF treatment. He states IVF treatment is one treatment within the assisted reproduction treatment category but there are other treatments such as Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI), ovulation induction (OI), and so on that can resolve infertility issues. So, it does all begin with identifying the reasons for infertility.

First of all, couples who have had no success in conceiving naturally after 12 months of trying can be diagnosed with having infertility issues. The reasons for infertility could be varied while the basic ones being age, lifestyle, previous illness, stress, and so on. The younger the age of the couple, the higher the fertility rate of the couple. Fertility in women begins to diminish from 30 years onwards while men’s fertility begins to deteriorate from 40 years onwards. The IVF specialist may recommend pathological tests to determine the fertility quotient in the woman, one of the tests suggests the number of eggs present in the woman.

Taking a cue from this, it is advisable to begin IVF treatment quite early which does save the couple from a great deal of stress. However, there have been many aging couples who have had successful cycles of IVF treatment.

However, approaching an experienced IVF consultant is the best way to begin treatment of infertility. Incidentally, Nisha IVF is one the best IVF hospital in Ahmedabad has a record of having success in the very first cycle of IVF treatment for most of its patients. They have treated nearly 500 plus patients with a very high success rate. Moreover, their team of leading IVF specialists is extremely capable and compassionate while their hospital offers the state-of-the-art IVF facility for the benefit of its patients.

Dr. Nisarg Patel of Nisha IVF, Ahmedabad states, ‘Nisha IVF is recognized as one of the best IVF treatment centres in Ahmedabad with high success rates. The IVF cost in Ahmedabad is extremely affordable while the IVF treatment is on par with one of the best fertility centres across the world.'

IVF is a boon to infertile couples but it is an expensive treatment. Fortunately, in India, the cost of IVF is relatively affordable than that across the globe i.e. nearly at 1/5th cost of an IVF treatment done abroad. The cause of infertility determines the cost of IVF treatment. The need to conduct additional procedures or interventions for eg. IVF stimulation, use of donor sperms, and so on for best outcomes increases the overall cost.

The success rates of IVF treatment are extremely good. In real terms, the success rate of an IVF cycle is 50 percent for young couples below 30 years of age while in couples over 40 years of age, the success rate is 20 percent or lesser. Along with the expertise and experience of IVF specialists, success in IVF cycles is greatly assured.

Today, most IVF specialists are armed with highly specialized tests and procedures to counteract the most likely to occur complications beforehand leading to success in IVF cycles. Dr. Nisarg is available for consultation at -

Nisha IVF Centre,

201, 2nd Floor, Bhavya Shopping Complex,

opp. Govt Tubewell,

Bopal, Ahmedabad,

Gujarat 380058, India.

For appointments and consultations - Tel: 9081233800, 2717233800


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