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Come December, it’s time to Fa-la-la-la-la…

As we inch closer to wrapping up the year, it makes sense to pause and think on how to navigate the way forward
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay


December, which is almost upon us, can easily be called the Friday of all the months. We, as people, are coded to feel good with the year-end, with the much-awaited holiday season and celebrations intrinsically associated with it. It is also time for some heavy-duty planning and reflection on the time gone by. And why not? Almost all of us are slowly emerging out of the pandemic. At some level, we have all dealt with fear so real that sometimes even thinking about it is unnerving. Some of us have lost precious ones, suffered unimaginable pain, lost jobs, opportunities, events, travel, school, play, family-time… We have learnt the great art of coping, survival, hope, faith, value, little joys, simply being thankful for being alive... At this juncture, it’s worth pausing and asking, ‘What will we do from here on?’ Dare to dream again? Dare to be different? Dare to say no? Dare to learn and unlearn?


Enough and more has been written and said about how we must be sensitive and mindful of handling the return to the way life used to be (consciously not use the word ‘new’ or whatever ‘normal’). But it’s time that we, albeit cautiously, embrace life and its joys.

At work, dare to be ambitious again. Most folks have either pushed ambition to back-of-the-freezer mode or have simply been compelled to let it go. Thawing time has arrived, to dive back into productivity, to build back and most importantly, to restage and restart the pause that career and work had taken. It’s time to get back to office space. All said and done, WFH has had its moment, but the catch-up over milky sweet machine coffee, accompanied with spicy stories, has its own charm. But much as one may love and need the house help, it’s not OK to discuss the dinner menu in the middle of a presentation! While there is a bunch which is finding the return to office a bit of a challenge, it is worthwhile to push ourselves. We owe it to the professional side of us. Hybrid, WFH or WFW (work from work) - whatever be the model - it’s important to celebrate and feel the joy of work.


At home, dare to put back routine again. Of mealtimes, spaces, boundaries, reading, gathering and most importantly, make home a home again. The lines have blurred. A space which was meant to be our sanctuary and safety net, has turned into our all-in-one. At times, this has got on our nerves. The home needs to regain its rightful place and position as the numero uno place in our world.

At play, dare to unwind again. The sheer fear of connecting with and meeting people is slowly ebbing. This is the part where we must be seriously slow in opening. No rush. No medals are being given on how many trips to Maldives one made or how many sundowners one attended. So, slow and cautious to meet and greet continues to make sense. However cloistered you may be, it would be nice to prioritize meeting old parents/relatives first versus visiting that vague East European destination that has opened its borders. Think about it - we recently saw that time is the most precious currency we hold. So, while we plan the big party season, finalise interesting charcuterie, cheeseboards and cocktail details, the best ingredient to add to the cheer of catch-up is to meet folks who really matter. Make your list, think hard of who has really been there for you through the last two years and how many people have totally dropped off. You will be crystal clear. Sustainable, safe, and mindful celebrations should be the way forward. Don’t you agree?


Dare to be you. Self-care and love have evolved as an important aspect and almost all of us have realized this in the recent past. However, self-love is not being either arrogant, selfish, or evasive of responsibility. It’s exactly the opposite. It makes us conscious that we ought to care for our own worth and appreciate all things that make us go by. The recent times have made us step back, and appreciate our work, salary, support and recognition that our work organization gives us, because we also know that there are many organizations that do not. We have looked skywards and added a prayer for the love of our family and friends, knowing that many don’t have that privilege. Finally, self-care has taught us to be kind to others and to ourselves. It’s not a race, its life. Get vaccinated and help others get vaccinated. Stay safe and savour life. As the carol goes, ‘tis the season to be jolly’.

(The author is an independent brand curator, coach and consultant)

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