Little author and his 'legendary' book of riddles and games

It has been found that riddles, stories, poems provide an opportunity to think and learn. Experts recommend riddles for children as it helps improve their thinking ability and creativity. And this is evident through eight-year-old Kayaan Gowani’s book of riddles and games, which has come straight out of his heart and mind.

This book is about having fun with riddles. Kayaan loves to read, and a part of his reading list also includes books on riddles and jokes, which he thoroughly enjoys. “Once I came upon a riddle book that my mom had bought I was so interested in it that I used to read it for days,” shares Kayaan.

So, he thought why not make his own riddles. Slowly over six months, with the help of his mother, he wrote around 100 new riddles, which then he narrowed down and put them into a book titled Kayaan’s legendary book of riddles and games for kids.

Kayaan Gowani
Kayaan Gowani

“After I was done with the riddles I realised that I would need something more fun in the book as just reading riddles was making it a very short book. That’s when I thought of putting all my favourite activities in the book and then came about Kayaan’s legendary book of riddles and games for kids,” Kayaan shares.

To write a book is no easy task. There are a lot of variables that one needs to keep in mind and the final product is a labour of love for the author. So, how did the little kiddo become an author? It was his mother who insisted that he write down all his riddles and games and then turn it into a book for kids like him. “My aunt and teacher, Falguni Parakh, helped me edit my riddles and put my ideas down on a paper. But it was my mom’s idea to turn the whole thing into a book, which was not just exciting but also motivated me to do better,” says Kayaan. All the proceeds from the book will go to charity.

Kayaan is fond of riddles because they are challenging and he finds it exciting to guess the answer. And Kayaan says he loves challenging people to guess the answers of the riddles he has framed.

Like all kids, Kayaan also has dreams. Right now his dreams oscillate between becoming a singer, palaeontologist and an inventor. He loves singing and music. He plays guitar, loves dinosaurs and reads a lot about them too. Before signing off, Kayaan has a message for his friends and peers, “Follow your passion and dreams. Do what you love. You don’t need to copy others, you need to stay original to your idea. My mom taught me that no matter how good or bad your idea is, as long as it’s original you can always work hard and develop it into something amazing.”

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