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Updated on: Saturday, December 11, 2021, 09:31 PM IST

Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana! review: Jas Kohli's latest offering makes for a humorous, yet insightful read


The title, Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana!, and the cover of the book, which depicts a wedding scene in Ludhiana, builds up expectations that the novel would be as flashy, lively and humorous as the people of Ludhiana. And it lives up to its promise. But there is to the story than mere humour and satire — it makes us aware of the need to put a stop to our needless wants for the sake of our planet and future generations.

The story spans a day in the life of a quirky family, the Rahejas, in Ludhiana, the city with the unusually high per capita splurging. Kushal, the reluctant industrialist and die-hard environmentalist, is the opposite of his stunning wife, Reeti, whom he has nicknamed CEO (chief economic offender) of the house. The naughty son and the drink-loving grandpa too ensure that the house remains a ‘happening’ place.The day is special because the Rahejas plan to attend the wedding ceremony hosted by a high-profile family in the evening and it is a given that the party would set new benchmarks in glitz, gloss and glamour.

The initial part of the book introduces us to the various characters though in a riveting manner. But there is an indication that amidst all the celebrations, a storm could be brewing. The pace picks up soon. In the afternoon, a sudden turn of events threatens to cause a major upheaval in the family. Even during the wedding, there is never a dull moment.

The author paints such a picture that one is instantly transported amid the big fat Punjabi wedding, complete with glamorous men and women, unlimited food, dancing, drinks, and, of course, fights. All the members of the family have a significant part and the author desists from injecting romance where it is not needed.


Like his previous book, Lights! Scalpel! Romance!, author Jas Kohli continues with his distinctive satirical style of humour. The language is lucid and the print quality is excellent.

Many loose ends are tied at the end but an unresolved issue remains — how to reconcile environmental protection with economic development. The author has illuminated the ‘writing on the wall’ for the readers and left it to them to determine what they can do to make a difference.

The special attraction of the book is the witticisms and the one-liners. With rib-tickling humour, the book provides the readers with much fodder to reflect over.

Title: Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana!

Author: Jas Kohli

Publisher: Rupa

Pages: 193

Price: Rs 295


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