BHOPAL : Inspired with noble views that body should be used for research work by medical students, Ramniwas Sharma, 61, retired CMO of Shivpuri Municipality and resident of Kolar, has donated his body after his death for research work on Tuesday.

Human bodies are used to teach students about the structure of the body and how it works; they may also be used to train surgeons and other healthcare professionals. People decide in advance to donate their body after their death. These donations are highly valued by staff and students at anatomy establishments.

Donated body can be used for a number of possible purposes. Firstly, body is used for Anatomical examination – this term describes the teaching of the structure and function of the human body to students or healthcare professionals. Similarly, for “research” – this term describes scientific studies which improve the understanding of the human body.

And “Education and training” – these terms describe the training of healthcare professionals, usually those learning surgical techniques, as opposed to anatomical examination.

Sharma, talking to Free Press, said, ” After retirement, I decided to donate body. So first I convinced my family members and then when all agreed I donated my body. After death, body is consigned to flame so it goes waste. If any one donates, it is used for research work so it is very useful. This factor inspired me to donate the body”.

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