Most kids pursuing hobbies vanish once schools open

BHOPAL: Most of the school children attending different hobby classes in their summer vacation these days say they had joined the classes at the behest of their parents, at the same time admitting that they were enjoying the experience. Many said they had won new friends while others thought attending the classes was a better option than getting bored at home with parents busy in their work.

Instructors say parents want that their children should somehow spend a few hours away from home everyday. They say neither the parents nor the children are interested in seriously learning painting, sculpture, music, acting, dance, computer etc. as is evident by the fact that once the vacation ends, nine out of 10 children stop attending the classes.

Free Press spoke to a number of kids learning various activities including arts, sports et al in summer classes. Here is what they said:

Anay Tiwari, Class 2
I was about to go to my grandparents’ house this summer vacation but couldn’t, due to some reason. My parents sent me here to play carom, chess and other games. So, I’m enjoying all games together. My father is an advocate and mother is a homemaker.

Rahul Wakpanje, Class 7
I am learning computer and acting here. My father, who is an engineer in PWD, suggested me to learn these activities utilising the vacation period. If I have an option to enjoy our vacation then I would like to visit Water Parks.

Arya Pandey, Class 9
Often I use to go to my grandparents’ and relative’s house as they live in the same city. I want to use my vacation, so, I came here to learn modern art. And I think vacation is a good time to learn other things. My mother is a homemaker and father is a professor. I want to be an IAS officer but painting is my hobby.

Anushka Tripathi, Class 5
My parents are busy in their work. I was getting bored watching TV, so I came here to learn acting and dancing. I’m enjoying a lot here with friends. My father works in Pollution Control Board and mother is a homemaker. I want to go to Shimla because it is very hot here.

Shubhrika, Class 7
I wanted to go to some foreign country during vacation. But at the instance of my mother, who is a homemaker, I am learning skating. I thought it was better than sitting at home, watching TV and getting bored. Besides, I have no other option. And now I am enjoying skating.

Nirmal Gajbhiye, Class 3
I want to use my vacation in learning new things rather than just playing. So I came here to learn computer and martial arts. I am enjoying them a lot. I also play with friends after class.

Tulika Awasthi, Class 7
Actually, my brother goes to the stadium to learn cricket, so I also wanted to learn something during the vacation. So, I came here to learn modern art and acting. I was also getting bored at home with nothing much to do.

Siddhi Singh Rajput, Class 1
I’m learning dancing and acting. My sister used to come here with her friends. So I also joined. Also, I made many friends here and played with them a lot. It’s great fun.

‘Parents force kids to learn several activities at one time’
In summer vacations, around 400 children come here to learn painting every year. But out of 400, only 10 per cent could exhibit their work in a painting exhibition ‘Nanhi Kutchi,’ organised by our institution. Out of 10 per cent, two or three per cent children want to make a career in painting. Nowadays, children are being treated as machines by their parents because their expectations from their kids have increased over the years. They want to make them all-rounder and force them to learn many activities at one time. Sometimes, mostly working parents, leave their children here from long hours just to ensure that they are somewhere, doing something. Also, summer classes have become business and fashion now. Esse relation mein bhi bahot fark aaya….
– Raj Saini, in-charge, modern art department, Jawahar Bal Bhavan

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