Four cities lose Shatabdi for sake of Habibganj

BHOPAL : Four stoppages -Lalitpur, Morena, Dholpur and Mathura-of the Bhopal-Delhi Shatabdi express have been abolished for the extension of the train to Habibganj. Shatabdi Express will start running from Habibganj from September 1.

This was a long-pending demand of the Bhopal citizens. Though the demand has been fulfilled but at a price.

For instance the train will halt at Bhopal for just three minutes while on way to Delhi and five minutes the other way. Also, the train will now reach New Delhi at 11.30 pm.

As per the new time table, the stoppages will be Habibganj, Bhopal, Jhansi, Gwalior, Agra Cantt and New Delhi.

While the stoppages, according to old time table, were Bhopal, Lalitpur, Gwalior junction, Morena, Dholpur, Agra, Mathura, and New Delhi.

The duration of halt at Bhopal will be 3 and 5 minutes respectively on way to and from Delhi respectively. Shatabdi Express will leave Habibganj at sharp 3.00pm and it will arrive at Bhopal at 3:12pm. It will leave Bhopal at 3:15pm. So there will be just three-minute stoppage at Bhopal. It is bound to create problems as three minutes are hardly sufficient for passengers of old city at Bhopal Station (main) to board the train.

It means, passengers of entire old city will have to rush to Habibganj hiring auto-rickshaws paying Rs 200 to Rs 300. The problems which passengers of New Bhopal were facing earlier, now passengers of Old Bhopal will face.

Thirdly, earlier, its arrival at New Delhi was 10:45pm but now its arrival will be at 11:30pm. So train will take additional 45 minutes to reach New Delhi There will also problematic for the passengers as for all practical purposes, it will not arrive before midnight and it will impossible for the passengers to find local conveyance to reach their destination.

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