BHOPAL : Even the topmost functionaries of the State Forest Department are clueless about what the department intends to do with the Tiger stalking the inhabited areas of Kerwan and Kaliasot on the outskirts of the city for the last couple of months, once it is caught and tranquilised.

PCCF Narendra Kumar and Chief Wildlife Warden Ravi Shrivastava, while interacting with the media on Monday said, “We will take a decision on the spot after assessing the situation.

At present, we cannot say what the department will do after trapping the tiger. We are only removing the lantana vegetation to destroy hiding spots of the tiger.”

Even after a five-day-long operation, the forest department has been unable to trap the tiger and it has no plans as to what would be its next move once the feline is trapped – whether it would be radio-collared or it would be shifted to a national park or sanctuary in other parts of the state.

Answering questions about the Nabibagh Tiger, which was translocated to Panna, the officers’ duo said that “Had the tiger been released in nearby forest area, it would have revisited Nabibagh”.

Narendra Kumar said that when police cannot provide security to the people how can the Forest take guarantee that it would protect the members of the public from the tigers.

“Despite police, incidents of murder and loot take place, don’t they?” he asked.

Meanwhile, the High Court, on Monday, asked the state government to clarify its stand on the tiger movement in the vicinity of thecapital. The High Court has taken cognisance of the PIL of RTI activist Ajay Dubey.

‘Sack such officers’

When asked about the PCCF’s comment that his department cannot guarantee that it would protect the people from the tiger, RTI activist Ajay Dubey said, “Such officers should be sacked immediately.”

‘Even a Jhuggi cannot be removed’

In reply to a question about constructions in forest area, Narendra Kumar said, “Even a Jhuggi cannot be removed from where it has been constructed. How can the forest department take the initiative for removing constructions from forest area? We have written many times to the district collector and the department concerned to discourage constructions in forest areas but nothing happened.”

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