BHOPAL: The news of mass molestation on New Year eve in Bengaluru was followed by a video of molestation of a girl on a street in Bengaluru and Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar area on the same night. In the case of mass molestation and Delhi molestation, no arrests were made whereas in the case of molestation of girl, four boys have been arrested.

In Bhopal, though no such cases were reported on New Years Eve but the girls in Bhopal say that Bhopal is not safe. ADG Aruna Mohan Rao talking on the issue said, “I feel that today the situation is that no girl grows up without facing such things. South India is considered to be the most educated part of the country and Bengaluru, one of the safe places. When such cases are reported from there it comes more as a shock.

In case of the molestation of girl, the boys were following her for about a week. We have to change the mindset, which is the foremost need. Then girls should come out and report immediately even in case of doubt, so that things can be handled beforehand and the system should take things seriously. Most of the time even the police avoid cases saying that nothing has happened so there is no need of complaint. The problem does not have a single solution.”

TI Mahila Thana Shandhya Mishra said, “There is a huge difference in the way we bring up a girl and a boy. Since childhood we are told to be careful and stay away from boys and told that we are the weaker sex and on the other hand boys are not even allowed to cry because they are the tougher sex. Until and unless we stop this different treatment, things would not change.”

Bhopal: No woman grows up in India without facing unpleasant situations

Kanchan Modak, student, said that if you talk about Bhopal, it is not safe at all. “Once I was going to boat club with a male friend. Two boys on bike came and spank me suddenly and ran away. I noted the bike number and filed a police complaint. After few days, police called and told me that it was some MLA’s son and asked if I still wanted to continue the case. My mother at that time did not allow me, sensing danger since he was politician’s son and I had to take my complaint back. The incident happened in day light in front of people. There is no difference in day, night, burqa, mini skirt or anything, they just see gender and nothing else”

Bhopal: No woman grows up in India without facing unpleasant situations

Swati Arya, student, said, “It is not about the place. Wherever you go, you face eve teasing, molestation, groping or face any other such act. It is irrespective of place. The mentality is same everywhere. I am from Uttarakhand and I don’t feel safe there also. There is another aspect to this, criticising the victim. When leaders and politicians give statements blaming the victims, action should be taken against them as well. No one should be spared for distorting the dignity of a girl, both physically and mentally. But unfortunately nothing really happens here”.

Bhopal: No woman grows up in India without facing unpleasant situations

Sushmita Haldar, said, “Partying late at night and wearing short clothes are just excuses to again suppress women. I commute in car and yet I feel unsafe if it ever gets late to return home. People stare at you through glasses, laugh and make comments even when I am in my own car, so you can imagine how safe one will feel. And this is not limited to Bhopal, every place is same”.

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