Bhopal: It’s like taking a leap backwards, say locals

BHOPAL: The saying rags to riches would stand just in reverse if the government went ahead with its decision of bringing Kolar area under municipality, from its current status of being a part of Bhopal Municipal corporation, said residents who are opposing the government decision tooth and nail.

“If municipality is formed, it will be just like shifting from a fort to a servant quarter,” said locals who have started a campaign against according Kolar status of municipality. Currently the area is under the municipal jurisdiction of the Bhopal Muicipal Corporation. With every passing day, the campaign is gaining strength and more and more intellectuals are lending their support to it. Kolar which was a municipality earlier was brought under BMC and now the government has again decided to care it into a separate municipality, a decision which has not gone down well with the locals here.

Shyam Singh Meena, Congress leader
“It is my personal view that if municipality is formed, it will be just like shifting from fort to servant quarter. But it is up to government and party to decide. Ultimately, all will have to accept the decision. But public view and my personal view is different. Only investors and politicians will thrive if government again bring it to its earlier stature of municipality.”

Dr DK Satpathi, Director LN Medical College, Kolar
“We always should look forward if we are progressive. After being merged with Bhopal Municipal Corporation, it is now not justified to go back retrogressively and make Kolar again a Municipality. Earlier, it was Municipality and during that period there the area did not see much development it was only after it was brought under BMC big projects started coming to the area.”

Anurag Shrivastava, Advocate
“It is political move to make Kolar as Municipality. But politicians are not considering pro-public factors. Once we have merged Kolar Municipality into Bhopal Municipal Corporation, it is foolish to separate it from BMC just for political gains. Residents of Kolar are politically victimized.”

Sandeep Guru, Advocate
“We will file objections in days to come with collectorate in protest against formation of Kolar Municipality. It is total injustice with residents of Kolar region. It is already facing acute water crisis. It was only after merger with BMC, Kerwan water project was initiated and is in progress today. Again, we will be in old state if Kolar municipality is formed.”

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