Bhopal: Hemu K Gaude’s Jagar staged

BHOPAL: A play ‘Jagar’ was enacted in the Konkani folk style at Tribal Museum on Friday as a part of ‘Abhinayan’- a weekly series of theatrical experiments.

Directed by Hemu Krishna Gaude from Goa, the play was based on the story of a corrupt and unscrupulous king, whose rule was causing great inconvenience to the traders and the commoners.

They pray to Goddess Kali, who appears in person and slays the king, thus freeing the people from his rule.

The play began with Ganesh Vandana followed by Guru Vandana. After this, three characters came on the stage.

They go to a garden and plant flowering plants there. The next day, when the gardener finds the plants, he thinks that the god has done his job and he starts dancing with joy.

Free Press Journal