Bhopal: Fix days, be consistent, Shivaji Nagar traders on washing markets

Staff Reporter | Updated on: Thursday, May 30, 2019, 10:30 AM IST


BHOPAL: Shivaji Nagar businessmen have demanded that the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) should wash markets in the night on weekly basis under Mera-Pran Bhopal No-1″ campaign. Businessmen said that BMC should be consistent in implementing the plan.

At present, BMC is washing the markets randomly. Instead, it should fix a particular day in the week for the job so that the businessmen can take appropriate precautions. Cleaner markets would help traders maintain their health as they have to stay in markets from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.  Twelve hours working is quite tedious and if the place is unclean, it will be problematic for the businessmen too.

Kishan Tare


“It is good that BMC has taken the decision to wash markets in night. It will help to make market dustless. Dusts are very problematic for allergic people. Businessmen should also ensure proper hygiene in the market.”

Nirmal Jain

“BMC administration should ensure that there is no haphazard parking. We park our vehicles in very systematic matter but loading auto which comes for delivery of goods disturbs the parking.”


Kishan Meghwani

“Washing the market will settle the dust. Simply sweeping the market flies dust and it cause problems to allergic persons. It is good for all. BMC should wash markets on weekly basis instead of once a month. “

Deepak Uike


“We too want that the BMC should wash markets and clear the choked drains. Businessmen dump garbage in drains, choking them. If the BMC washes the markets, it will clear the choked drains. It is a good decision.”

Saurav Jain

“We will support the BMC administration to continue the campaign. The BMC should be consistent. It will help to maintain cleanliness in the market. It will boost our business as customers will prefer to visit the market if it is clean.”

Vinit Verma

“We know that the BMC has launched “Mera-Pran Bhopal No-1″ and under the campaign, it washes markets and roads in the night. It is a good decision. It does not disturb any one. So businessmen and people should cooperate.”

Ajit Jain

“BMC had taken a good decision. People should support it to make the campaign successful. BMC should increase the frequency of washing markets. It is our demand as BMC is doing a good job.”

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