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Bhopal: The current wave of the coronavirus has shattered many a hope. As the corona pandemic was blazing through the world last year, everyone was battling against the disease hoping that the better days would soon be there.

Everyone expected that once people were vaccinated there would not be any corona cases. They felt the jab would weaken the virus. It was also expected that the people once afflicted with the disease would not be infected again.

Vaccine has been invented. But the creepy corona has barely shown any signs of fading away. A doctor has got both the jabs of the vaccine. His body developed anti-body. Yet, he has been diagnosed with corona positive.

Another doctor, who was once afflicted with disease, has again been infected. He is showing the symptoms of the disease. Despite being vaccinated, many people have been struck by the virus.

According to a few doctors, vaccination reduces the chances of death. Such incidents have come to light. Those who have been afflicted with the disease are quickly recovering.

The problem is that even after being vaccinated and even after being afflicted with the virus, if the danger of infection is not reduced, how long humanity has to bear the pains of the pandemic?

After getting vaccinated if people are afflicted with the disease, they may pass it on to others. If such people are elderly or if they are suffering from other diseases, their illness may be fatal.

It is not known how an infected person passed on the virus to others and to whom they does that.

It is clear that the battle against corona pandemic shall continue. Therefore, it is necessary to remain fearless and to keep one's guard up.

Besides following corona-protection norms, we should change our lifestyle and learn how to live with the disease.

Therefore, whenever one person meets another, one must think that the person may be a corona patient. Therefore, caution is necessary. The government should not give up the fight, as it did last year, thinking that the disease has a time-limit.

Had the state and the centre not loosened their grip over the pandemic, the current situation would have never occurred. The governments have miserably failed to knock together the resources when the number of corona cases lessened. But they hardly paid any attention to that.

Whether it is the state government or central government, they have amped up in elections and seem to have been oblivious of the pandemic. This is the reason why the number of corona cases has risen. If the government wakes up and rummages through resources to battle against the disease, the situation will be better.

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