Bhopal: Clean drinking water, not until next year

BHOPAL: Until the leaky, cracked, eroded pipes are replaced the residents of the capital city will have no option but to consume contaminated water being supplied through these 30-year-old damaged pipes.

It will not be until March next year that the denizens would get the gift of clean drinking water supplied through new replaced pipelines. Network of new pipelines is being laid in the city under central government’s AMRUT scheme. The project is expected to be completed by end of first quarter of next year.

The pipelines network in the areas where water is supplied from Upper Lake and Kolar Dam, are to be developed under the AMRUT scheme. Currently pipes as old as 30 years old are supplying water to household across the city. Over the years these pipes have got damaged, developed cracks, eroded. Toxic waste from the surrounding area seep into damaged pipes contaminating the drinking water.

Bhopal has a budget of over Rs 600 crores for water supply including construction of over head tanks, sewage treatment plants (STP), pipelines and other projects.

The people living in area around Union Carbide Factory are among the worst affected. The potable water quality is found to be of worst in the locality, however, the administration has still to come up with plan to replace the dilapidated pipelines of the area. Even the civic body is indifferent to the issue.

Similarly, the areas in old Bhopal are also getting filthy water. Piped water being supplied to areas near JP Nagar, Nawab colony, Blue Moon Colony, Sindhi Square and others cannot be termed safe for consumption. The areas where piped water is supplied from Kolar or Upper Lake are getting contaminated water, however, the people of localities where Narmada water is supplied are satisfied with water quality to an extent.

Water pipeline have developed cracks and holes through with sewage and toxic water seep into it. In Many localities water pipelines and sewage lines run parallel thus putting at risk the health of residents .

Shadow of Noorganj looms large: The shadow of Noorganj incident in Mandideep looms large over the capital city. In the neighbouring town eleven people had died and more than 150 fallen ill due to consumption of polluted water in past two months. Contaminants entered pipelines through leaks thus polluting potable water supplied through these cracked pipes to hundreds of households in Noorganj locality.

SM Nasir, a resident of Nawab colony said the water supplied in locality is quite filthy. Earlier on the direction of the court potable water was tested, however, later false report was presented in the court, he added. Till date there has been no improvement in water quality supplied in area, said Nasir.

Mayor Alok Sharma expressing his concern over filthy water being supplied in households, assured that new pipes would be laid on time. Since the issue is related to health of the residents, we would ensure that work under AMRUT scheme is completed on time so that people get pure water every day, he added. The Mayor said STP and other steps are being taken to keep the waste away from the Upper Lake.

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