Bhopal: City artist Govind Vishwas’s works exhibited in International Online Solo Art Expo of Contemporary Artists

BHOPAL: Artist Govind Vishwas’s works have been exhibited in an International Online Solo Art Exhibition of Contemporary Artists. He is the only artist from Bhopal who is invited for the exhibition.

Artist Govind Vishwas
Artist Govind Vishwas

The online exhibition is being organised by Art Family from October 14. Govind has displayed his 20 works like ‘Beyond the Thoughts,’ ‘My Separate Land,’ ‘Some other Space,’ ‘Black Spot’ and ‘Beautiful Mind,’ and 'Where is my space,' in mix media in the exhibition.

He says that his works establish a dialogue with the viewers and forced them to think at a micro level. He says that his paintings have transparency which shows that his personal life is also transparent. He says that an artist’s works represent his views and ideas and different colours also convey different meanings.

He says “My works Space is important to me, and in my life. My family also faced re-habitation during the separation of Bangladesh in 1971. I heard lots of stories from my grandmother. My earlier works based on time and space.”

Most of his works are also related to personal space and incidents. They reflect various issues that he has been dealing with. Land has been in focus in my family for reasons of dispute.

He further says “I work on many pieces at the same time. I go back and make installations, wall works and drawings. I work either in small or big scale. I feel that this organic process of making things, allows me to do research, to challenge myself and to renew my work constantly.”

“I get my inspiration through nature, architecture and design. Following the phenomena of the universe, I induce movement in materials in order to create natural architectonics,” the artist says.

Around 60 artists from across the world have showcased their work in the exhibition.

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