Updated on: Tuesday, December 28, 2021, 12:14 AM IST

Bhopal: Blankets that can treat knee joint pain

3-day seminar on art, craft of DNT, nomadic groups ends.

BHOPAL (Madhya Pradesh): Blankets woven by the Kurmar community using sheep wool are not only warm but can also help treat knee joint pain, says research scholar Gajanan Sanjay Kortalwar from Navargaon.

He was presenting a research paper on the blanket art of Kurmar Samaj at MP Tribal Museum on Monday. It was part of the concluding day of a three-day h seminar on ëArt and craft traditions of denotified and nomadic tribes,í organised by Janjaitya† Lok Kala Evam Boli Vikas Akademi.

Gajanan says sheep rearing is their main occupation but nowadays the community members have started working on daily wages. The community speaks the Kurmari language and celebrates the Padakamma festival. For the good health of the sheep, this community cuts their hair from one to four inches and makes blankets from it. Also, at the time of their boys' marriage, the boys' maternal uncle gives a blanket, which is mandatory.

Around 17 research papers were presented on the day. Priya A from Kottayam presented a research paper on the art and culture of Mannan community of Kerala. She says that the community sings divine songs carefully because they are afraid of the curse of God if they make a mistake.

A research paper on Phulia Banjara art of† Lambadi women was presented by† Batu Vijay Kumar, Hyderabad. He†says that Lambadi women use phuliya in religious events, marriages, Teej.

Neelima Gurjar read her paper on the 500-year-old dancing puppet art of Bhatt community. He says that this community roams in Rajasthan, displaying the art and they keep their views in society. This community presents the genealogy of the kings, singing the valour saga and other stories through the art. A paper on the folk art of Devars was presented by the scholar PC Lal Yadav.

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Published on: Tuesday, December 28, 2021, 12:14 AM IST