Amarpura’s mercury shivalinga temple sees miracles this Sawan

Meghnagar-Jhabua: Have you ever seen a white mouse running around a Shivalinga? If the priests of Jhabua-Meghnagar have are to be believed, then the Mercury Shivalinga, also known as Parad Shivalinga temple situated at the confluence of rivers Anaas and Negdi and in Amarpura village of the region, is witnessing a white mouse during the Sawan month of the Hindu calendar who keeps on running around the Shivaling.

According to the temple priest, who tried to feed the mouse with milk and cooked rice says, the mouse does not eat any thing given to him, but feeds on the offerings of the devotees.

People living in the region also have seen a cobra in the temple, which has never ever harmed anyone, but is often seen in the temple.

Yet another remarkable feature of the temple is the characterstic Shivalinga made of mercury, it also has two more Shivalings which represent the Pashupatinath temple of Nepal and Kashi Vishwanath of Varanasi.

The temple is situated at the confluence of Anaas and Negdi rivers, also witnesses a third water stream originating down under the bridge and meeting at the temple, making it a tri-confluence or Triveni Sangam which is considered auspicious. The Shiva temple hence serves miraculous abode of faith for devotees coming from far away regions of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh who bathe at the confluence zone during auspicious days such as Amavasya, Sighastha and Kumbh. The mercury Shivalinga or the Parad Shivalinga as he name of the temple suggests temple was once mistaken to be a silver Shivalinga by some of the miscreants who tried to rob it and also hammered it. However when Sri Jagadacharya Nepali Baba, a seer, who was on a on foot pilgrimage from Kanya Kumari to Badrinath came to pass by the templeand came to know about it, he placed two more Shivalings in the temple, representing Lord Pashupatinath and Lord Kashi Vishwanath. Since then, there devotees have been worshipping all the three Shivalings of the temple. According the priests the temple has brought the devotees a lot of prosperity and there are many miraculous experiences that they have gone through. The temple is also known to have freed many from physical illness and depressions.

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