46 villages to be benefitted from ‘Bhakranangal of Barwani’

Barwani : Lower Goai dam in Barwani is rapidly approaching its completion. The dam, which is also hailed as Bhakhra Nangal of Barwani will provide irrigation facility to 13760 hectares of land covering 46 villages.

This will be probably first dam to irrigate lands of higher altitude unlike the previously constructed dams which irrigated low lying areas.

This will be possible through a 4.4 kilometer tunnel, dug around 10 kilometres away from the dam, which will help it irrigate 46 villages covering 13760 hectares.

The dam will be 2531 metre long, out of which the main portion, around 220 metre long will be made of concrete and the rest 2301 metre will be made out of mud. The dam will be 44.20 metre high, which will also have 9 radial gates, around 12 metre high. The main canal coming out the dam will be around 27.55 kilometres, and the length of the tributaries will be around 42 kilometres.

More than 58 percent of tribal population will be benefitted because of the dam, and will be used to irrigate 13760 hectares of land.

The dam is scheduled to increase the productivity levels of the land by 55.76 tonnes, costing around Rs 4344 lakhs.  The dam will provide .425 million cubicmeter of drinking water along with 5.57 million cubicmeter water for industrial development purposes.

The Dam will also supply water to 15686 hectare land for Rabi and kharif crops every year.

The dam is likely to improve weather conditions and increase water levels along and will reduce the rising temperature levels of the area. Employment too will witness increasing opportunities in fisheries and agricultural sector. Quality production of grains and fodder will also mark an increase animal husbandry.

36 villages of Rajpur legislative assembly area will witness positive impact of the dam including Salkheda, Antersambha, Kusamari, Godpura, Jalgoan, Moyada, Unchi, Dumbami, Khadkal, Pipari Bujurg, Rojhani, Choti Khoargoan, Nihali, Bajad, Wasavi, Bakhwadi, Agalgaon, Morgun, Rangaon, Lingwa, Umaria, Khadki, Narwala, Lachi, Limbai, Temla, Bujurg, Rajpur, Bhagsur, Bhami, Ranipura, Sali, Kosal, Budra, Singun, Morani,and Temla Khurd and 8 villages Talwada Bujurg, Balkuon, Dhamnai, Rehgun, Dhabavadi, Sajwani kham, Gothanya legislative assembly of Barwani and Danod, Bilwani from Pansel legislative assembly  are the villages.  In a box: 11399.88 hectare land of Rajpur, 2271.75 hectares land in Barwani and 88.35 hectare land belonging to Pansel will be irrigated with the help of the dam.

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