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You should not insult or degrade your country. However, if you do it then you are an anti-national, which is correct. Every citizen of the country should respect his motherland and make sure that he or she do not insult it in anyway. But have you ever thought, that nationalism in India is now being taught by political parties. The moral values of nationalism which were supposed to be taught in schools and colleges are now being lectured by politicians.

Around thirty years back, nationalism was fighting against corruption, poverty, stigmas in the society but now it has been given a new face by political parties. If you support certain political parties, then your nationalist otherwise you are anti-national. In the current scenario, if you criticise government then also you are labelled an anti-national. The true meaning of nationalism has disappeared and many people have been brainwashed. They have become so naive that they cannot understand the real meaning of nationalism now.

Nationalism is the hot topic in the nation currently because of upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It makes me think why nationalism issue is raised just before elections. Every political party makes us believe with their agenda that they are truly working for the development of the country and if you bring them in power the life of the citizens will start to flourish, which is a big lie.

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There have been instances in the past when people were lynched just in the name of nationalism. If a person trades a cow for business, but somehow gets caught by fringe groups, then the person gets lynched in the name of ‘Gau Raksha’. According to these groups, it is true nationalism. There are numerous examples where nationalism was at the peak in the past. Every media house used to have a debate on the issue just to gain TRP.

If a person doesn’t get up from his seat while the national anthem in theatre is playing, people start to call him anti-national. This debate even left the apex court in a tizzy in 2017 and it wondered why citizens had to prove their patriotism this way and asked the Central government to bring in rules to this effect if it wanted. Citizens of this country are being deceived and just like any naive person we get trapped. If you are a true nationalist, then you have to proof your patriotism somehow.

It scares me even more thinking what will happen in the future if this dummy nationalism continues.

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