In a country of the dimensions of India, road transport has a vital role to play in linking the hinterland with the industrial zones and vice versa.

Though India’s rail mileage is one of the highest in the world, it does not serve all the countless villages dotted in remote parts of the nation. These villages constitute India; India lives in these villages.

But the link between one village and another is often a ‘kutcha’ road that is not always negotiable or is negotiable only during parts of the year.

A good road, like an artery, carries the lifeblood of the country. Good roads are essential as much for facilitating trade and commerce as for speeding the progress of the people on all fronts.

First com the roads; then follow trade and commerce, industry and banking, education and all the amenities of civilisation.

The study of roads and road transport in the context of national rejuvenation therefore assumes a special importance.

The inauguration of the Institute of Road Transport is a welcome step.

This augurs very well for the future.

A great deal of spade work faces the Institute, but government sympathy has been promised and the immediate experience of the State Transport Corporation is available on hand.

While a degree course in Road Transport is greatly to be desired, preliminary studies undertaken by competent hands should prove helpful in the initial stages.

The Bombay State Transport Corporation, which has taken the initiative in forming the Institute, deserves the fullest support.

With the help of the active governing members of the Council much research can be seen through, that should substantially contribute towards making road transport cheaper, quicker and more comfortable.

(EDIT, September 12, 1952.)

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