Know how to make a  good first impression!

Washington:  Worried about making a good impression on your first date or job interview? According to a study, if you wish to be more likeable, focus on talking about the hard work and effort behind your success, rather than just stressing on your talent. Conducted by the Cass Business School.  Researcher Dr Janina Steinmetz found contrary to what many of us think — that success alone may not be enough to make a positive impression. Instead, she suggests that people should ensure they talk about the struggle behind their story to appear more likeable.

Dr Steinmetz conducted three experiments with participants from the United States and the Netherlands, with people from all age ranges (18-75) and with an even gender balance between male and female.  The ‘impression manager’ was asked to speak about themselves in a positive way and feedback was given by the receiver detailing what they wanted to hear more about — the talent and success, or the hard work and effort behind it. about. Dr Steinmetz said it was clear that communicating success and talent in job interviews or on dates is important but it is just as important to tell the story of the hard work and effort behind it to create a warmer, positive, more relatable first impression.

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