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  • Mind & brain: Are they the same?

    We are ‘aware of’ the mind, but we are not ‘aware of’ the brain, writes Dr Shrirang Bakhle

     Have you ever seen a school? Personally, I have never ‘seen’ a school! All I have seen are some buildings, some children and some adults. What is all this? And what has this got to do with mind and brain? Let me explain.

  • Instagram is terrible for the state of Mind

    New York: Now, this might dishearten all the Instagrammers out there! A new report by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK says that Instagram, the image-saturated app with over 700 million users worldwide, takes a major toll on the youth people’s mental health, most notably among young women.

  • What is transformation?

    The literal meaning of transformation is change. But it is not as simple as changing a house or a car. It is an internal process. It is also very different from reformation. In reformation there is a chance of going back to the earlier state. Transformation is permanent and irreversible. As a child we all play with toys, but when we grow up, we outgrow that stage permanently. This is transformation.

  • Here’s why your kids must play with Lego

    Playing with Lego provides an understanding of spatial awareness, promotes a sense of creativity and teaches mathematical concepts of symmetry, shape and geometry finds out Vibha Singh

  • Bow Wows and Tail Wags At Dog A’Fair

    Every Dog has its day this saying will become reality for all the dog lovers. Dog A’Fair, the Fun Carnival for Dogs is coming to you on the weekend of 18th-19th March at the Seaside Pier, Radio Club, Bombay. The two-day fun carnival held each year since 2010 has established itself as a prestigious calendar event for the sheer fun and excitement it presents. Successfully brought to you by Dogs & More