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    World Food Day Special: Apps every foodie must have on their phone

    Food apps are probably one of the most important apps any foodie can have on their phones. Whether if you love to have thousands of recipes at your fingertips, or the ability to virtually wait in line at a restaurant so that you can come in once your wait time is up, food apps are incredible. Below are some awesome apps that every foodie must have on their phone. From getting free

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    Gadgets to jazz up your Diwali party

    From cocktail makers to pancake printing machines, these offbeat home appliances will jazz up your parties…

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    Unleash the photographer in you this Diwali

    Diwali is round the corner. And that means, among other things like yummy sweets, a sky lit with fireworks. For the photographers inside us this also means an opportunity to click the streaks of beautiful lights, brightly lit against the pitch black sky

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    Happy Diwali: Give your home a new look with hi-tech lights

    Diwali is a special occasion for every Indian. Giving your home a new and fresh look during this festive is considered as a norm to welcome goddess Lakshmi, the deity of prosperity, to your home. Here we have presented an extensive collection of the different Diwali decorations that you can buy and make your home blaze

  • Amazon launches waterproof ‘Kindle Oasis’ for Rs 21,999

    Bengaluru,  Amazon on Thursday launched its most advanced e-book reader ‘Kindle Oasis’ that features company’s highest-resolution ‘Paperwhite Display’ and is the first waterproof (IPX8) device. The all-new Kindle Oasis is available for pre-order for Rs 21,999 for the 8GB model and Rs 28,999 for the 32GB model (WiFi + free 3G). The device will start shipping from November 13.

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    For Elon Musk, Google’s ‘Clips’ camera doesn’t ‘seem’ innocent

    San Francisco,  Google’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based “Clips” camera has not impressed Tesla founder Elon Musk, a famed critic of AI. “Clips” does image recognition and AI processing on-device, deploying machine learning to automatically click best pictures for you.

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    Smart Home Automation Safety Tips

    Smart home automation technology can offer homeowners peace of mind, convenience and efficiency, making it possible to automate systems and equipment ranging from home security to thermostats. With a smartphone acting as a control center, homeowners can remotely monitor video cameras, lock or unlock doors, turn on lights or automatically shut off the water to their home if a leak is detected

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    Time management apps to organise your life

    Here are few time management apps to help you free up your schedule, find time for your personal life, and focus on getting your work done.

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    Daily Life Tech: Useful gadgets for your everyday life

    How many times have you wished your everyday life was easier than what it is? Almost every day. From making a cup of coffee to doing laundry, we often wish to take help with those numerous mundane tasks we do regularly. The latest smart gadgets seem to have been built to help us in that sector. Here are some of the most useful gadgets you can bring home and make your everyday