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  • Gadgets that make classrooms smarter

    When we think of new technology in the classroom, our minds tend automatically to go to tablets, which have been widely deployed throughout certain school districts. While that’s creating the biggest buzz, the possibilities of technology in educational environments doesn’t end there, especially not when you consider tech for teachers. We’ve compiled a list of top gadgets for teachers who are heading back to school after a holiday break

  • Technology to engage students

    Think about it–if students are growing up in a world that requires them to be tech-savvy, then shouldn’t tech play a big role in their classroom experience? Here are some top picks for tool to engage students in the classroom

  • Facebook to release app for video creators

    New York: With an aim to empower its creator community, Facebook has announced that it is planning to launch a new app just for them later this year.

  • OnePlus5 India launch today: Features, specs and all you need to know

    OnePlus5 will be out on Thursday, June 22 in India. Before it is out, there are many expectations from this phone. OnePlus3 was a huge hit when it was launched and the specs where outstanding in that price range. But, OnePlus 5 will be more powerful than OnePlus 3, with greater specs and look.

  • WhatsApp extends support for BlackBerry platform again

    San Francisco, In a temporary relief for BlackBerry users, WhatsApp has again decided to extend support for Blackberry smartphones. The Facebook-owned messaging service extended the support till December 31 this year, reported on Wednesday.

  • Fitness wearables to keep him going

    Dads may love gadgets, but there are some dads who prefer the kinds that help get them off the couch. With wearable tech booming, we’ve rounded up some favorite fitness gifts for dads who want to get in shape this Father’s Day– or who are already in great shape and want to stay that way

  • Google faces $1.1 billion from EU over search engine dominance

    London: Accused of manipulating its search engine results to favour its new shopping service, search engine Google may face a record-breaking fine from Brussels of nearly $1.1 billion, media reported on Friday.