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  • Net, Potter, Bhagat changed the way how India read: Devdutt Pattanaik

    New Delhi: The publishing industry in India underwent a major change over a decade ago, thanks to the Internet, Harry Potter and Chetan Bhagat, says popular writer Devdutt Pattanaik. With over 30 books to his credit, Pattanaik recalls how around 2005-06, he was still a part-time writer when the game for writers changed. Trained in medicine studies, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry and wrote part-time, initially as a hobby which he had developed

  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee to soon launch his first ever jewellery collection

    Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s designs are famous for their old world aesthetic. His curated old-world aesthetic manages to pack a punch every season. The label was launched in 1999 with an aim of preserving Indian tradition, arts and crafts. With seamless ease, the brand is a perfect blend of vintage and modern and paved the way for an aesthetic that stands with women of all walks and styles. Started with a three-person team,

  • Did you know humans are hardwired to lean right while kissing?

    Washington: To kiss your partner is always special, but a study has revealed that more than two-third of humans are hardwired to tilt their heads to the right when lip-locking their spouse, while adding that men are about 15 times more likely than women to initiate a kiss.

  • The bright spot on your fashion sense

    Wearing super bright attires is the latest trend to hit fashionville. Sapna Sarfare speaks to designers on this intense trend

  • Once-a-week sex can help women slow down ageing clock

    Washington: Women, you may want to start being active between the sheets as a recent study has revealed that having sex at least once a week slows down ageing.

  • Men find sexual assault as traumatising as women do

    New York: Men are often looked at only as perpetrators of sexual assaults. But what happens to those men who become victims of such assaults? These men feel just as emotionally traumatised and depressed as women do, reveals new research. Sexual assault is unwanted sexual contact — including rape — and is a traumatising event linked to numerous mental health consequences associated with negative outcomes such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, fear, anxiety, alcohol

  • Wear your pants, and flaunt them too!

    Men always want some advice on the latest trousers which are in trend. Sapna Sarfare finds them out for the guys

  • Take right care of your precious jewellery this monsoon

    New Delhi, Moisture levels hit a high during the monsoon season and while studded gold jewellery is more prone to scratches and dirt, it doesnt hurt to keep your prized possessions moisture-free as well. Keeping separate holders to putting silica packets are some of the ways of keeping these items safe during such weather.

  • Rock the sari like a celeb

    Those five yards of fabric have come a long way from being a daily wear for our grandmothers to making a stunning statement at the red carpets. Sapna Sarfare probes into the world of saris to know how to experiment with drapes like your favourite celebrities

  • ‘Virat Kohli is easiest, inspiring person to work with’

    New Delhi: Designer Nandita Mahtani, who is styling Indian skipper Virat Kohli for past five years, says he is one of easiest and inspiring persons to work with as he knows what looks good on him and is always open to try something different.