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  • For a paw-friendly summer

    The scorching heat takes a toll not only on humans but on animals as well. If you own a dog or you can care for a street dog, save them from the heat by keeping them hydrated and don’t serve them day old food in the summer season, suggest experts. Rashi Narang, Founder at Heads Up For Tails, and Akshay Kanitkar, Director – Operations at PetSutra, have listed ways for you to

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    Formulae for Personality-development

  • Brisk walking, excersice, happiness, fitness, body fitness, health, weekend, weekend reads

    Exercising can bring happiness

    Brisk walking, gardening or weightlifting help you lose weight. But did you know that exercise can also make you a joyful person? According to a new study, the frequency and volume of physical activities undertaken may actually boost your level of happiness.

  • Acute congestive glaucoma, eye special, health, weekend, weekend reads, vision, eye related problems, eye condition

    Acute congestive glaucoma: Keep an eye on your vision

    Shillpi A Singh speaks to experts about acute congestive glaucoma an uncommon condition where the pressure in the eye suddenly rises, which might cause vision loss

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    Formulae for Personality-development

  • World Health Day 2018: How to keep track of your health

    New Delhi: Prevention is better than cure and this World Health Day on Saturday, take tangible steps to secure the health of yourself and your family. Gowri Kulkarni, Head of Operations at DocsApp and clinical psychologist Mamta Harish Iyer share tips to help you manage your family’s health better.

  • World Autism Day: Here are 10 things you should know about autism

    March 2nd is observed as World Autism Day. Autism is caused by birth and stays with the person for lifelong. This year’s theme for World Autism Day is to empower women and girls with autism. Blue is used as an official colour to represent this day. The day is dedicated to autism as there is lack of awareness in masses about autism. Children diagnosed with autism are incapable of making social interactions

  • Supplements: The truths and myths

    ‘Supplements’ the term in itself opens different pages of the same book. Herbal supplements or health supplements both are trying their level best to help give you a better lifestyle. Disha Prashant takes you into the truths and myths about supplements

  • World Health Day 2018: How to stay fit on-the-go

    Whether you are a full-time mom with three kids, a student soaking up knowledge like a sponge, or a #girlboss (or #guyboss, of course) kicking butt in the boardroom, there is a way to balance healthy living amidst the beautiful mess of life. While we celebrate World Health Day later this week, Shikha Jain finds few routines you can follow while on-the-go

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    Life Management