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  • Different Methods of Disease Examination

    (i) Accumulation: If the intake of food and adoption of lifestyle and seasonal changes are in accordance with the action, properties and effect of the corresponding dosa, then the affected dosas increase at its specific location. These dosas accumulate at those locations and are unable to circulate all over the body. This phase is said to be an accumulation phase. This is the root cause for disease genesis.

  • Is Depression contagious?

    Depression is called the common cold of mental illness, and it’s not for nothing. Most of us tend to stay away from someone who has got a cough or cold because one might catch it, similarly by spending a lot of time with someone who is depressed, your chances of becoming depressed increase drastically. Please note, this is not to say that you shouldn’t spend time with people who are depressed, because

  • Different Methods of Disease Examination

    (iv) Exploratory therapy or therapeutic suitability: This is a method to diagnose a disease through many types of treatment systems. When a physician is not able to diagnose a disease on the basis of preliminary signs and specific symptoms, then exploratory therapy’241 is required. For the confirmation of disease, therapeutic pathology tests are performed. This therapy also includes suitable trials with drugs, diet and daily regimen, which may be contrary to the etiology

  • World Embryologists Day 2017: Myths and facts about IVF

    New Delhi: The birth of a child is a happy occasion for any family and a new chapter in the life of a couple. However, today, there is an increase in the number of couples who are unable to conceive due to many reasons.

  • Do you suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder

    We all know the feeling of being uncomfortable just thinking about a certain situation. Be it walking into a crammed up elevator, preparing for a big meeting or giving a speech in a room front of people – any situation can cause anxiety, varying person to person. You might say “I dislike meeting people” or “I hate socializing”, but does that mean you have a social anxiety disorder? Certainly not! A social

  • Revealed! Best time to sleep to wake up feeling refreshed

    London: The secret of a good night’s sleep has finally been unveiled! The precise time you should go to bed each night if you want to wake up feeling refreshed has been revealed in a new report. Apparently, it’s all to do with sleep cycles rather than getting more hours of sleep. Sleep cycles are when we move through five stages of sleep that do not encompass rapid eye movement (REM) and