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  • Arthritis prevalence rising among Indians: Analysis

    New Delhi: An analysis done by SRL Diagnostics on tests for Arthritis done in its laboratories revealed that more women than men in India are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The analysis also revealed that high ESR and CRP levels prescribed in patients of arthritis and, indicative of persistent inflammation of joints, were more commonly found in the East zone, followed by the North zone while a high Uric Acid levels pointing towards Gout were

  • Rasayana Cikitsa: Rejuvenation Therapy

    The physical strength and health of a person never remains constant. At a certain stage, growth rate and development of the body is very fast while in other stages it becomes slow or even arrested. Sometimes a condition arises when, instead of development, the body starts decaying. The same is the condition of physical strength in the body. At various levels of age, strength of the body also changes. On this basis,

  • World Contraception Day: The right birth control method for you

    New Delhi: If statistics are anything to go by, the maternal mortality ratio in India is 174/100,000 live births. About 45,000 Indian women die of pregnancy and related complications every year.

  • Nephritis: Medical experts tell us all you must know about it

    If it wasn’t for Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant, lupus would still be a non-entity among diseases. Manasi Y Mastakar talks to medical professionals in a quest to simplify this illness for our readers

  • Say good bye to dark circles

    Dermatologist Dr Lohia speaks of newest treatments to get rid of them

  • A General Introduction to Pancakarma Treatment

    Pancakarma, as the name specifies, includes five types of actions or processes which eliminate vitiated dosas and malas from the body. Pancakarma is an important part of Ayurvedic treatment because several times disease aggravation recurs, in spite of using different types of medicines. The methods of purification and detoxification for the prevention as well as eradication of disease, by the elimination of aggravated dosas and malas from the body, is Pancakarma treatment.