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    Six Four: Review

    Title of Book: Six Four
    Hideo Yokoyama
    riverrun – an imprint of Quercus Publishing Ltd.


    Haldhar Nag’s poetic journey…

    Honoured with Padma Shri, three PhDs based on him, his life and work is a case study in Harvard University, nominated for Nobel Literature in 2008, BBC documentary on him and many more such achievements credited to his life. No, we are not talking about any premiere university pass out; in fact we are talking about a class three dropout, Haldhar Nag. In a world where report cards are given more importance than talent,

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    Ghostly Encounters

    Witchcraft, shamanism, and Séances. Clairvoyance, kundalini, and kabala.  Auguries and mediums, oracles and psychics. There is a peculiar spine-chilling thrill that attract us to them. Sometimes with a strong belief in these practices; often out of curiosity that is likely to transform itself into something irreversible. Sometimes for a peep into the future so we can exercise some control over our lives, at other times, with the hope of acquiring power over the forces

  • Goradia

    Vajpayee, Mahajan wanted Modi out in 2002

    Prafull Goradia was a member of Parliament for a brief period. BJP sent him to the Rajya  Sabha in 1998 when Anandiben Patel vacated her seat on being elected as an MLA in the Gujarat Assembly early that year. Goradia’s autobiographical book highlights his own travel from a picturesque Morbi town of Saurashtra of Gujarat to Mumbai to Calcutta and to Delhi. He spent first seven years of his life in Morbi. He did

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    This Wide Night: Review

    I am confused. Am I reading Louisa M. Alcott’s “Little Women” or am I involved in the same story transplanted from Pennsylvania to Karachi in Pakistan? The same four sisters now surnamed Malik instead of March, the same mother trying hard to make ends meet and the same father gone to war (East Pakistan about to become Bangladesh,I presume). And the same rich orphan boy living next door, Jimmy, with his doting grandfather.

  • six minutes of terror

    Six Minutes of Terror: Was the investigation unscientific? Review

    Six Minutes of Terror is brilliant book that deeply analyses The Mumbai Train Bombing on 11 July 2006, one of the deadliest attacks the financial capital of India had seen after the 1993 blasts. The terror strike was aimed at crippling its lifeline—the local train network. A series of seven explosions in a span of only six minutes at seven railway stations that killed 189 and injured over 800 people.