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  • The Father’s Day Classes

    For long after our marriage, Shobha and I were not prepared to have another life alongside, dictating terms to us. We wanted to live our lives with zero accountability. While we made plans, God made his, and Anjali arrived in our lives. That’s when we realised that nothing calls for all of your immediate attention with more urgency than a baby. It makes you fully present – to all possibilities.

  • Into the Water- Review

    Title: Into the Water
    Author: Paula Hawkins
    Pages: 353
    Publisher: Transworld Publishers
    (part of the Penguin Random House group of companies)

  • Abandonment

    “Daddy, where are we going?” Shruti asked her father. She was sitting beside her father, who was driving the car.

  • Revisiting Kalidasa

    Kalidasa Meghdutam: The Cloud Message