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  • Elections are over, return to normal now

    At last, the country can get back to be normal. While the poll for the Himachal Pradesh Assembly was barely noticed by anyone outside the hilly State, the campaign for the Gujarat Assembly has hogged national headlines for weeks. Being the Prime Minister’s home State, some of the attention was warranted. After all, both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, the president of the ruling party, hail from Gujarat and therefore it is

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    Dignity of courts overcome by spats

    This is arguably the first time in the history of the Indian Supreme Court that a senior advocate has resigned from practice after a spat with the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra. Not only that, Rajeev Dhawan even relinquished his senior’s gown which distinguishes lawyers of his caliber from other lawyers. Lawyers, like doctors, do not resign practice. They gracefully fade away after age overtakes mental agility.

  • What Putin’s re-election entails

    With American President Donald Trump dragging the global fraternity closer to disaster and flaring of insidious war mongering, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s presence on the international scenario has become imperative. The way he handled the Syrian crisis and Middle East worries makes him appear as perhaps the only individual available on the global format on which the global fraternity could rely for easing nervousness.

  • Blood pressure measuring.

    Playing politics with healthcare

    How can anyone justify the cancellation of a private hospital for the negligence of a lone doctor? What about the resulting hardships of the in-patients, and the deprival of medical help to tens of thousands living in the vicinity of the hospital? Again, would you shut down the entire public transport system for the negligence of a lone bus driver? Or ground an entire airline for the failure of a lone pilot?

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    Communists on the rise in Nepal

    China is beginning to loom large even in Nepal, a nation not long ago firmly in India’s corner. Of course, a major share of the blame has to be borne by the mandarins in South Block. Their big brother attitude over a period of time has recoiled on India. The increasing marginalisation of the India-friendly forces and the rise of pro-China parties signals a sharp shift in Nepal’s polity.

  • The urgent need to tax agricultural income

    In November 2017, the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry came out with a white paper on Taxation of Agriculture Income in India.

  • Bated breath and election blues in Gujarat

    The campaign for the Gujarat Assembly elections has ended, with both the BJP and the Congress firing pot-shots at each other like never before. What has separated this election from earlier contests is the ferocity with which the two sides combated each other. Buoyed by the support of youth leader Hardik Patel, who spearheaded a movement of the Patidars for reservations, and two other sectional youth leaders — Alpesh Thakor from the

  • Vile abuse and worse in Gujarat

    Electioneering inevitably means high-decibel rhetoric, with the rival contestants vying with one another to persuade the voters by pitching their wares on a higher and still higher pedestal.  Voters also realize that the verbal slugfest is part of the electoral process. Not for nothing then have the elections become the festivals of democracy, more so due to the widespread poverty and illiteracy. Yet, even after making due allowance for the heat and

  • Political discourse: Stooping to conquer

    The BJP spokesmen tell the people, during the debates on TV News channels, that ‘every thing is fair in love and war’ and the election in Gujarat is a war as far as the ruling party is concerned. No rules are followed in this war, winning somehow being the single object. Even in the epic battle of Khurukshetra in Mahabharata, which was a ‘dharma yuddh’ fought to defeat the evil, the warriors agreed upon

  • Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh

    Modi alleges Manmohan Singh: To speak and when not to speak

    Manmohan Singh ko gussa kab ata hai? Just how hard do you have to step on his Buddha-esque toes before he loses it? The former prime minister rarely breaks his inscrutable silence, but when he does, it’s volcanic. Like his tirade against PM Modi for implying that senior Congress leaders had secretly met with Pakistani representatives, to hatch a conspiracy against the incumbent government.

  • When will the rulers clamp down against the self-styled protectors of Hindu dharma?

    When will this madness end? When will the rulers clamp down against the self-styled protectors of Hindu dharma? When can citizens of all faiths and creeds, all regions and religions, live without fear of the goons and the louts who kill and maim without provocation in the name of ‘gau raksha’ or love-jihad’ or any such ephemeral cause? The republican idea of equality and equity for all citizens regardless of their religion,

  • Looking beyond headline GDP numbers

    Since the release of GDP data for the second quarter of FY 17-18 by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) on November 30, the focus of debate has centred mainly around whether the economy has finally come out of the slowdown caused by demonetisation and goods and services tax (GST). GDP growth at 6.3 per cent for July to September 2017 quarter indicates that the worst effect of demonetisation and initial problems with