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  • Trump’s Iran deal backtrack a disaster

    It is deeply regrettable that US President Donald Trump is undermining the Iran nuclear deal signed two-years-ago and thereby jeopardising the non-proliferation goal which the international community holds dear for world peace. His action in refusing to certify the deal, by which Iran agreed to curb its nuclear programme in return for lifting global sanctions, is patently outrageous and condemnable. That Trump had repudiated the painstakingly achieved Paris climate accord claiming that

  • Gurdaspur defeat a big setback for BJP

    The BJP has reason to be worried over the crushing defeat it has suffered at the hands of the Congress in a byelection in Gurdaspur, Punjab, which was virtually a BJP pocket borough when late cine actor Vinod Khanna represented it in the Lok Sabha times, in 1998, 1999, 2004 and 2014.  This should serve as a wake-up call for the BJP which has lost its sheen in recent months with the

  • Why income inequality is at its highest in India

    Why did this happen? Strong government regulation and rigid policies keep growth levels low. This was the case from 1950s to 70s when India’s growth rate was barely 3 to 3.5 per cent. When growth  remains low, it keeps average income levels down. It also keeps more people poor for lack of opportunities.  At the same time it keeps asset prices under check.

  • Each institution must perform its own duties

    There is a larger battle being fought between those who believe that the main task of the judiciary is to safeguard laws made by the elected representatives of the people and those who feel that judges must also set the direction of politics. It is not a new battle and centres on different philosophies of public conduct. But it is also a battle that is likely to intensify. The controversy needs careful

  • In Bihar, Modi’s focus was on infrastructure

    There is an element of enigma in how the Centre in the Narendra Modi dispensation deals with the politically crucial state of Bihar. The Modi government seemed all set to allot berths to the Janata Dal (United) after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar snapped links with the Opposition and made common cause with the BJP which was until a few months ago a bitter rival. However, when Modi expanded his council of ministers,

  • IMF good chit must not go to our head

    The Narendra Modi government has got so much flak over demonetisation of high value currency and the Goods and Services Tax from economists, politicians and analysts that when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank shower wholesome praise on these two measures, it evokes surprise and scepticism. There can be two reasons for the massively negative narrative on both these within the country—the fact that any negative and sensationalist news is

  • Too much inequality hurts growth

    President Donald Trump’s proposed tax reform is supposed to be the largest tax cut in history. It reduces the highest marginal income tax rate as also the corporate tax rate. It eliminates estate taxes. However, the benefits will flow disproportionately more to the rich. The Tax Policy Centre of America estimates that the tax cuts will mostly benefit the rich, with the wealthiest one per cent families earning more than 700,000 dollars

  • Shiv Sena-MNS Bout: A Coup de Grâce

    Just a week prior to the Diwali celebrations, the Shiv Sena, largest single party in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, burst an atom bomb in the camp of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) by engineering one of the worst split in which Six of the Seven City Fathers  from the party jumped in to the Sena Ship.

  • Supreme Court ‘stays’ Rohingya deportation

    The Supreme Court stand forbidding the Central government from deporting Rohingya refugees until the next date of hearing of the case on November 21 is ill-advised and outlandish. The court said on Friday that the human rights of Rohingyas cannot be ignored and there is a need to “strike a balance” when it comes to issues of national security resulting from their stay. This is indeed a typical case of the judiciary arrogating to

  • India must counter new US softness on Pakistan

    The US has been flexing its muscles with Pakistan of late essentially to pressurise Islamabad to deal strongly with the Haqqani network which it sees as a terror threat to the Americans. The impression in India that the Trump administration would force the Pakistanis to close down terror training  camps and to put a lid on infiltration of terrorists into India through Kashmir seems utterly overdrawn. The recent visit of Pakistan Foreign Minister Khwaja

  • E-cars are good, but pollution woes remain

    The Government has decided to use e-cars that run on electricity in government work. These cars have batteries like e-rickshaws. These are charged in the home and have a range of up to 300 kilometers which is sufficient for daily urban travels. The use of e-cars will certainly reduce urban pollution because these cars do not burn any fuel and do not emit any carbon. However, this does not solve the problem of pollution

  • Theresa May renews campaign against slavery

    It’s unfortunate that what Theresa May called “the great human rights issue of our time” should be thought to target India. Although beset with troubles at home over Brexit, Mrs May has used the 2017 UN general assembly to renew her campaign against slavery.