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Dangal creates turmoil with its trailer


The much awaited film of the year Dangal is about to hit the screens. In less than 60 days the film will be out in the theatres. The makers of Dangal released the first trailer of the film and the audience has been taken aback with the breath taking glimpses of the film

Directed by Nilesh Tiwari, Dangal the film is based on the life of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and traces his journey of making his daughters Babita and Geeta, medal winners at the Common Wealth Games.

The films talks about a wrestler who feels his dream of winning an Olympic medal will be fulfilled by his son. Blessed with four daughters, he later on realises that his dream of winning a medal at Olympics can also be fulfilled by a girl.

Coming from the interiors of North India, one of the strongest messages that he passes to the world, especially the villages of India is to believe that a woman’s place is not just in the kitchen. Mahavir also believes that instead of raising our daughters with the objective to let them get married, we must ask them their dreams and help them achieve the same. This is where the duty of a true parent lies.

He beautifully spreads the true definition of zero biasness between the sons and daughters. He has raised, guided, and coached five daughters since his wife’s and brother’s death. All of them have achieved a remarkable success in sports today.

Aamir had put on tremendous weight for his role as Mahavir Singh Phogat but in the last scene he is shown in his wrestling gear and a well chiselled body ready to fight.

While a film on the same sport released the same month, Dangal gives out a message absolutely opposite to Sultan. It talks about empowering and encouraging women to pursue their dream while Sultan was about a man’s dream and how his wife sacrifices her dream for him.

Being the perfectionist that he is, Aamir Khan strikes the right chord with this film. Known to be experimental in his approach, it will be interesting to watch how he promotes Dangal.