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Bhopal: Police unveil gang involvement in 30 cases of murder, loot


The number of cases committed by the gang involved in killing of truckers has gone up to 30, said police on Sunday. The nine accused, who are currently in custody, during investigation have confessed that their involvement in all these cases.  Police on Friday had claimed that the gang was involved in 14 murders.

According to superintendent of police (SP) Rahul Kumar Lodha, the prime accused Adesh Khamra was initially reluctant to share the details, however, when an incident of his son’s accident was cited, he spilled the beans. The trail of series of killings came to the fore after a body of a truck driver was found in Bilkhiria area on August 15. A probe was initiated and later SIT was formed to look into the killings of truck drivers and cleaners and subsequent loot.

After cops established a link between another murder in Vidisha, and made arrests, the accused confessed to their involvement in 14 murder cases. It was then that the accused started revealing the chilling stories of how they befriended the truck drivers and cleaners and looted their trucks after killing them. On Saturday they had confessed their involvement in five other cases while on Sunday they gave gory details of their crime in eleven other cases. SP South Rahul said that the accused are revealing fresh accounts while there are chances they have might have killed several others in the similar manner. Director general of police DGP Rishi Kumar Shukla on Sunday held a meet with the SP Lodha and others and discussed the cases.