Mumbai News: NGO Prevents 200 Tonnes Of Plastic From Entering Landfills

This plastic donation drive, launched by non-government organisation Project Mumbai, has more than one lakh volunteers who donate plastic every month, to be recycled into useful products

Dhairya Gajara Updated: Monday, February 12, 2024, 12:16 AM IST


Mumbai: A city-based citizens’ initiative called The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon has successfully prevented over 200 tonnes of plastic from entering landfills. This plastic donation drive, launched by non-government organisation Project Mumbai, has more than one lakh volunteers who donate plastic every month, to be recycled into useful products.

In 2018, Project Mumbai organised a one-time Daan Utsav to collect waste plastic and recycle it. Responding to a huge demand for plastic waste recycling, the organisation created a simple model where citizens can donate their plastic waste every month. Currently the city has over 40 drop-off locations where people can donate their waste plastic on the day announced by Project Mumbai. Project Mumbai collects the plastic from those locations the next day and sends it for recycling.

Shishir Joshi, founder and CEO, Project Mumbai, said, “This is truly a model of public private and people partnership. Project Mumbai has actually created an idea which now needs to be replicated across India, also because the amenities go back to the city for public use. Our recycled amenities say that it is made from plastic donated by citizens.”

Preventing non-biodegradable plastics from going to dumping grounds

The primary aim of this recyclothon is to prevent the non-biodegradable plastics from going to the dumping grounds and entering the landfills. With Larsen & Toubro’s Corporate Social Responsibility fund, Project Mumbai has been recycling these plastic wastes into benches and dustbins that are placed at societies donating plastic regularly and compass boxes for the underprivileged students.




Along with individuals, multiple communities, housing societies, corporate offices, and residents associations have also joined the cause. A large number of societies from Hiranandani Complex Powai, Cuffe Parade, Navy Nagar and Thakur village have been consistent donors. The Mumbai Fire Brigade and railway departments have also joined hands to donate plastic under this initiative.

Siddhesh Pawar, project officer, The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon, said, “It is inspiring when citizen groups call us and ask us, when will we collect the plastic waste. They store it in their cars and homes until we collect it so it doesn't go into a landfill.”

This month, the recyclothon was organised on February 7 during which people from across the city donated 2,500 kilos of plastic.

In the last five years, Project Mumbai has collected over 200 tonnes of plastic.

Sonal Desai, a volunteer from Thakur village, Kandivali, said, “We have around five societies where many families are passionate about the environment. They keep the plastic waste separately and donate it at the drop-off point on the donation day. We have also partnered with a school where students bring waste plastic from their homes and leave it at the school to donate it to Recyclothon.”

In Limca Book of Records

Plastic Recyclothon has been felicitated as the largest citizen-led initiative by the Limca Book of Records. Project Mumbai has also bagged seven international awards for this initiative including the latest global silver for sustainability at the Global Anthem awards in New York from more than 2000 entries from 30 countries.

Published on: Monday, February 12, 2024, 12:16 AM IST