Love-All Review: An Excellent Sports Drama Film That Keeps You Hooked

Director Sudhanshu Sharma’s Love-All is an ably directed film with its endearing father-son relationship

Lipika Varma Updated: Friday, September 01, 2023, 09:22 AM IST

Director: Sudhanshu Sharma

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Swastika Mukherjee, Shriswara, Sumit Arora, Arch Jain, Deep Rambhiya, Atul Srivastav

Where: In theatres near you

Rating: 3.5 stars

Kay Kay Menon starrer Love-All showcases well-defined roles of a father-son relationship that brings the captivating realm of badminton to life. How the son finally fulfils the dreams of his father by winning the badminton finals really touches the hearts of the audiences as it has been depicted with ample of emotional twists and turns, highlighting the family bond. 

The film shows the true subdued love of any father who fails to show his true love to his son. Usually, fathers have special love for their children but as a man they don't show it. However, this film depicts the strict and emotional side of a father which will ultimately bring forth the love of a man for his family. All in all a sports drama film filled with a competitive attitude is what forms the crux of the story.

Director Sudhanshu Sharma’s Love-All is an ably directed film with its endearing father-son relationship in the package of an exhilarating badminton showdown. It checks both boxes of human relationship and family bonding. It also ignites the competitive attitude as well as sportsmanship feeling in the hearts and minds of not only those who wish to pursue any sport but the audiences who will be watching the film.

Pullela Gopichand, Padma Bhushan, Dronacharya and Arjuna Awardee, turns presenter for the first time in this film. Since it is based on Badminton, his presence marks an indelible boost to it. Kay Kay Menon has carried the film on his shoulder excellently. Arch Jain who plays the character of his son has finely portrayed the character. His expressions without an iota of doubt bring forth that seriousness of a sportsmanship approach to the fullest. The rest of the supporting cast gives their support to the intriguing storyline which uplifts this emotional sport drama to another level.

Editing was slightly slow as that is the demand of a sports drama. But the climax, which has innumerable badminton matches in a row, does keep the audiences watching the film with bated breath. The well-written dialogues with a tight screenplay leave no stone unturned to keep the audiences glued to the big screen. Needless to say, there is not much scope for music. The title song is all that one can hear. 

All in all, this is a sports drama which definitely needs to be watched with parents and children as Badminton starts with Love-All (Zero). This popular game teaches us how to restart our lives afresh even if you have failed in life.

Published on: Friday, September 01, 2023, 09:22 AM IST