Yellow Smoke, Complete Chaos: Inside Pictures Of Huge Security Breach In Lok Sabha

By: Rahul M | December 13, 2023

Two persons were involved in creating chaos in Lok Sabha on Wednesday after they breached into the space with gas containers.

The inside images from the Lok Sabha were initially shared by Dr Senthilkumar, LS MP from Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.

Being said to be a man and a woman were seen climbing benches and spraying tear gas on the official premises. The protestors were identified as 42-year-old Neelam and 25-year-old Amol Shinde.

The security breach took place during the Zero Hour of the House as the duo jumped benches after escaping the public gallery.

It took place on the anniversary of the 2001 Indian Parliament Attack where nine security personnel sacrificed their lives.

The major security lapse was recorded when Khagen Murmu, a BJP MP from West Bengal was addressing the Parliament. The session was chaired by politician Rajendra Agrawal.

The two have been detained for their notorious act. Some reports claim that only the man entered the House while the woman sprayed gas outside.

The woman raised slogans in the view of stopping Manipur violence. She was heard saying, "Tanasahi band karo, samvidhan ko bachao."

Earlier on the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid his tributes to the security personnel who died in the 2001 Parliament attack.

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Vice President, PM Modi pay tribute to martyrs of 2001 Parliament attack

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