Woman With Pink Highlights Does THIS After Her Corporate Job Raises Concerns About Her Hair Colour

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 31, 2023

Are you the one who likes styling your hair with vibrant colours to either look cool or feel more confident? Here's an incident that will interest you.

A woman from Georgia was asked by her corporate workplace to compromise with her dyed hair as it was something they didn't want to go with. It was her hot pink hair much like a Barbie.

Identified as 29-year-old Emily Benschoter was told after being hired that the job wouldn't allow pink hair. She pulled out a TikTok video to share the case where she pointed out that "It's dehumanising that I can't be accepted at face value because my hair is a non-traditional colour."

It was learned that she was selected without a face-to-face interview for a role in the hospitality sector. Later, when the office got to know about her hair colouring, they raised concerns. Meanwhile, having differently-coloured hair might reportedly be considered 'unprofessional' or 'distracting.'

She shared a couple of reels on TikTok to inform people about her "reaction to finding out she can't have pink hair after being hired?"

She didn't easily comply with what the bosses asked her to change. She gave back by wearing quirky and terrible wigs to the office every week.

In one of the clips, she was seen wearing a full white hair wig. The footage was captioned to read: "Corporate says natural color only? I say: Malicious compliance."

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